Friday, 2 October 2015

Brunette Regret

So, I'm brunette! And I kinda want to go back to blonde as soon as humanely possible!

Yesterday after months of planning to, I went brunette. It's not dark brown or anything super drastic but it's still way darker than it was before, when I was blonde. I've been so up and down with how I feel about it. Initially, I was in love with it. I had been extremely glad that I did it and I was just happy with it on me. At the same time, I had a feeling of deflation. I felt down from the moment I got home afterwards but I put it to not being used to my hair colour. I thought that if I slept on it, I'd feel really happy with it in the morning but it got to today and I had no more love for it, nor was I glad that I did it any more. As it got later in the day, I now feel alright with it. I'm kinda inbetween, I like it and I'll keep it for now but I definitely want to go blonde again soon, maybe in time for next Summer. I thought I'd do a little blog post on it incase you're contemplating going for a drastic hair change and don't know whether or not it's a good idea.

I'd always look at photos of people who were brunettes and want to go dark but I never dared to, then over Summer I decided that, come October, I would do it. I knew the sort of colour I wanted, which is exactly the colour that I now have, and I was so excited to do it. I would've done it straightaway but since it was Summer, my blonde would show through and my brunette would fade quickly. So it's not like this was a rushed decision, I knew for a few months before that I wanted to do it, which gave me enough time to be serious about it.

When I wanted to go brunette, part of it was because I wanted to be a sexy, brunette bombshell in the way that Emily Ratajkowski or Lily Aldridge is. I wanted to shy away from the connotations of being cute and childish with my blonde hair and go for something more edgy, in a way. I think that I subconsciously must've thought that, once my hair was brown, I'd look completely different in every aspect. My hair looks different, sure, but I don't. I've gotten over that for now though, I may have shed (more than) a few tears earlier because I wanted to immediately be blonde again but I'm in the middle now. I like this and am happy with it but I want to go blonde again soon, just not as soon as I wanted to this morning.

So that's how I feel about going brunette, my opinion on it keeps changing and I'm so indecisive about my feelings towards it so I've had a nice little rant but I hope that I may have helped anyone who is contemplating a big hair change!




  1. I think it suits you! I like it :)

  2. I think it looks gorgeous and really suits you! I completely know how you felt as i'm really bored with my blonde hair and feel like it just doesn't suit me anymore, but i'm scared to go any darker haha.

    Olivia // BLONDE LA MODE

    1. awh thankyou! I was blonde for over two years which is the longest I've kept one colour since I started colouring my hair so I kinda got bored even though I loved it!


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