Thursday, 16 June 2016

Missguided Wishlist

So I originally sat down to make a Summer Wishlist across sites like Topshop, Zara, ASOS, Missguided. You know, the usual. However, I ended up picking out about fifty things from Missguided that I just had to have, so I decided to throw the Summer idea out the window and just do a Missguided wishlist, though I did condense down how many things I wanted. I've not done a wishlist in a long time and I love doing them because it gives me a chance to properly browse through what my favourite online retailers have to offer and share them with you when I otherwise wouldn't have been able to because I don't (yet) have them for myself.

I'm a bit of a playsuit lover. Ok, I'm a lot of a playsuit lover. I've been so excited for Summer to come around so I can just live in my playsuits 24/7 baby 365, they're so easy to wear and when you throw one on your entire outfit is sorted. I don't have a white playsuit, and this one is so beautiful, summery and boho chic that I fell in love. 

I've become such a skirt person lately. In all honesty, I've always been a skirt kinda gyal but now I am even more so than before. I just want to grow my skirt collection, and this one has completely caught my eye. I think bandage style dresses and skirts are so flattering, and I love the more unusual skirt colour of lilac. I have a lilac dress from Missguided and I'm in love with the colour of it, so I know this one won't disappoint despite not being my uniform black or grey. Plus it's such a bargain!


Missguided always do an amazing range of co ords, I feel like they jumped on the co ord trend a long while ago before it was a big thing and that's how they've managed to stay on top when it comes to co ords. What blogger doesn't love a good bit of marble? Flatlays, phone cases and notebooks, and now a marble co ord to match. It's in petite too, which is perfect for my 5'2 self.

I've wanted this jacket for The. Longest. Time. Ever. The mustard version of this jacket was huge in Autumn time and that must've been when I discovered the grey version and fell truly madly deeply in love. I've never justified buying it for some reason, though now that I think about it, I've wanted it for so long that I think I can justify it. I always put an outfit on and think to myself how good that grey faux suede jacket from Missguided that I like would look with the outfit so I'm leaning towards biting the bullet and finally getting it. We all know just how much I love wearing grey.

Oh look, another grey item and another playsuit. Is this not the definition of me? I have a similar playsuit from Missguided which is black and lacy, and doesn't have a ring detail, but is pretty much the same shape and fit. I love that playsuit so much so I know that this one will be just as perfect. If you know me well, you know I kind of overdress all the time and I'm more of a dress up girl than a dress down girl so this one would be super versatile for me, I'd wear it out in the day or as an evening/party outfit.

I've been meaning to jump on the bomber jacket hype since it started, because I really like the trend. All the bombers I've looked at have been a black or nude pink colour, but I love this one and it's petite too. Love finding something amaze in a petite size that caters for my annoying height. A lot of the bombers I see and like are already owned by way too many people and I don't wanna get something and look all stereotypical and same-same when I wear it, or go out wearing it and have a friend turn up in the exact same bomber, so I like the more unique look and colour of this one. If I'm going to finally get a bomber I think it'll have to be this.

Lol another grey thing. Hate me yet? Repetitive af. Anyway, lately I've been seeing lots of shirt dresses in stores or online and I'm really liking how they look but I've always been hesitant about them because I know they're the kinda thing that, on me, can end up looking like a tent. Since this one is petite and Missguided tend to size quite small, I'm wondering and hoping if this one will fit me properly. Having a zip instead of buttons is also super handy for when you're feeling too lazy to do up and then undo all those buttons.

This is the fourth grey item out of all eight on this wishlist. Half of my wishlist is grey. I have a problem. Anyway, this is a bit of a joke one because the sassy slogan is so me, and it reminds me of a top I have from Illustrated People that says 'you're basic, bye' which I adore. I also love bodysuits lately, I prefer them to normal tops at the moment so this one being a bodysuit is ever better than if it was a top. Since I'm a lil sass queen I think I need this.

Did you like any of these items? Is there anything on Missguided at the moment that you really want to get?


[All photos of the clothes are not my own and belong to their individual retailer website -]


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  1. Love the marble co-ord the most.. love matching top and bottoms xx


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