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yasmin stefanie jenni roberts brighton hove brunch cafe coho eggs benedict

Hey bbys. Sorry for lookin like I had come back to proper stick-to-schedule blogging and then going AWOL for a couple weeks again. Drowning in uni deadlines – I’ll never understand why then send you off to your Christmas holidays with the biggest workload you’ll ever receive during the academic year – but my last one is a couple weeks from now then I can pick back up on the flow.

I’ve been planning this new series for a month or so now and tbh, I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it sooner. My beautiful friend from back home Jenni Roberts and I always go for brunch when we meet up now. It’s been that way for the last year or so, since I moved to uni. Whether it’s a bank holiday weekend back home, the Christmas or Easter break, or the beautifully long Summer holidays we meet up in one way and one way only, for brunch. And this is even more so the case now that Jen’s off at uni too.

My post that reviewed three London-based food/drink spots including one beautiful brunch has done so well that I thought I’d give you all more of what you enjoyed – food reviews, especially of the brunch variation. It’s the perfect excuse for Jenni and I to go for even more brunches when we’re both reunited back home in Brighton. So every so often, probably whenever we’re both home from uni, I’ll drop by with a new Brighton and Hove based brunch review to add to the series. I’m gonna break down the reviews into lil categories and Jenni is gonna write her own part too which I’m v excited about. We’ll be talking about our good old favourites that we always go back to and hopefully trying out some new brunch places to see what we think. V excited. Hope you enjoy.

yasmin stefanie jenni roberts brighton hove brunch cafe coho french toast eggs benedict
french toast and eggs benedict

We had to start with Cafe Coho because this is a Jen and Yasmin classic. I’d say this is the place we revert back to the most for our brunch catchups, and the place I then go to with lots of other people too. They have three locations but as far as I’m aware the Ship Street one is the only one that serves proper cooked brunch (not sure if the one by the station does too? We’ve never been and I can’t see anything on their website).

jenni’s thoughts

yasmin stefanie jenni roberts brighton hove brunch cafe coho
yasmin stefanie jenni roberts brighton hove brunch cafe coho

the food itself

Food-wise I’ve always got the Eggs Benedict I’m pretty sure and it’s always amazing, really fancy and high quality. (Lil side note: they have a good few different variations of the eggs benedict unique to Cafe Coho)

the #atmos x

The location of the cafe is one of the best things about it, it’s right in the centre of town so it’s nice to sit in the window and watch all the people walking past. It’s always busy in there which is a good sign but that means a lot of the time it’s hard to find a table and the service can be slow when the cafe is at its busiest which are obviously downsides.

yasmin stefanie jenni roberts brighton hove brunch cafe coho eggs benedict
coho signature eggs benedict

the price 💸💸💸

I think it’s reasonable considering the quality of the food, the Eggs Benedict is like £8 and it’s a lot of food!! I think the bakery stuff and drinks are a little bit too pricey but they’re tasty and it’s a nice treat.

what it’s best for

All in all it’s a lovely place to have a catch up with friends over some good food!

my thoughts

yasmin stefanie jenni roberts brighton hove brunch cafe coho
yasmin stefanie jenni roberts brighton hove brunch cafe coho

the food itself

I have tried a lot from the menu, for me. The absolute standout for me out of everything I’ve ever tried has got to be the French Toast. I think about it all the time and nothing else I’ve ever tried there has come close. The only thing is, it’s a lot. No food guilt about it, it’s indulgent but in the way that you may struggle to breathe after finishing it, not in the way that you’re like no !!! cheat day only !! too much of an indulgence !!! but I sit there and I can feel it stacking up inside of me because it’s a lot of food. I’ve had the Coho Signature version of their Eggs Benedict and it’s beaut, my second best to the French Toast and such a nice variation on a normal benedict. The House Breakfast is v v good – nothing to write home about because it’s your standard breakfast but a really nice standard breakfast. I’ve also had the pancakes with bacon and maple syrup but if you’re going for a sweet option I’d recommend the French Toast over these any day, they’re great pancakes but the French Toast is just better and you get the same toppings but more. I’m also pretty sure I’ve just had a classic poached eggs on toast too, really nice but I think if you’re going to Cafe Coho you may as well push the boat out because you can just have egg on toast at home. I wanna try the Chorizo, Avo Smash (how tf haven’t I had a smashed avo here yet??) and pancakes but with the yoghurt topping next. Jenni let’s go back so I can try them pls x. As someone who usually sticks to the same couple things on a menu, the fact that I’ve tried this much here already and want to try more is a good sign. Also a special mention for their coffee, it’s vvvvv good. Much nicer hot than iced here though.

the #atmos x

Depending on your preferred ~aesthetic~ it’s an Instagram dream. Lil bit of the ~rustic~ ~shabby chic~ vibes (I fucking hate the phrase shabby chic. burn it.) Exposed brick, cute wood tables, fairy lights in the window (idk if those were just for Christmas though ngl). They have four different seating areas – the main bit when you come in, a back room, an upstairs, and the outside. I’ve never been upstairs to tell you what it’s like and I’ve never sat outside but when I walked past the other week I saw they had blankets on the chairs which is a rly cute Winter idea. The main bit when you come in is my favourite place to sit but it gets busy there quite quickly unless you’re going early in the morning, I’d say before 10ish. Jen and I usually sit in the back bit because the main bit is busy and it’s really nice, tucked away a bit so you can have a good chat and not worry that dozens of people are about hearing what a tragic mess your life has become. The staff are always really nice and it’s always very chill in there. Love.

yasmin stefanie jenni roberts brighton hove brunch cafe coho pancakes eggs benedict
pancakes with bacon + maple syrup and eggs benedict

the price 💸💸💸

I think when it comes to the nicer breakfasts – the sweet stuff, the benedicts, and probably the chorizo and avo smash stuff – it’s definitely worth the price. All of those range from between £6.75 – £9.50. I think even if there’s a cheaper option like the eggs on toast or the granola, even though they cost less they’re not worth it as much as the nicer stuff is worth £8 if you know what I mean. If you come here for a brunch and a coffee you’ll probably end up spending £10-£15 which isn’t too expensive but of course it’s the cheapest, though the nice brunches really are worth what you pay for. I come here just to get coffee too sometimes and it’s a good price when you compare it to something like Starbucks or Costa, off the top of my head I think it’s £2.70-£2.90 for a latte depending on the size. Pick up one of the stamp cards for your coffees too.

what it’s best for

Deffo agree with Jen that it’s the type of place for a catch up with friends. Less of an occasion place, just somewhere really nice and chill to get brunch or even just coffee with a friend.

yasmin stefanie jenni roberts brighton hove brunch cafe coho house breakfast
house breakfast

Hope you’ve enjoyed the first in mine and Jen’s Brighton and Hove brunch series! We’re vvvv excited to do another one when we next go back home and continue our tradition of brunch catchups. We have a few more failsafe spots we always go back to that we’re gonna share next but if you have any Brighton and Hove based brunch recommendations deffo let us know so we can try those out too!




  1. Ava
    March 6, 2019 / 7:12 am

    All the food in this post looks amazing! I really want to have lunch there now haha

    • Yasmin Stefanie
      April 12, 2019 / 10:45 am

      it really is!! deffo worth a visit

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