5 Quick & Easy Healthy Snacks

So you might have noticed that I’ve sneakily added a new page to my blog, food! I figured it would come in handy if I went out for a great meal and wanted to share it with you all, and for this post. There are so many things I’ve been brought up on eating that are suddenly the thing at the moment in the blog / Youtube / Instagram worlds so I thought I’d share with you five healthy snacks that are super quick and easy to prepare!


Hummus has been a favourite of mine since I was about three years old but I’ve seen it become much more popular recently. This is probably my favourite snack of them all. It’s not all green and healthy but it’s much healthier than snacking on sweets or crisps. I got the idea of the hummus dip from an amazing restaurant/bar on Dee Why beach in Australia called Stella Blu (I definitely recommend it for any of you in Sydney) because they had an amazing starter of breads with a similar hummus dip. It’s made using a couple of tablespoons of hummus with a small glug of olive oil and some black pepper, it’s that simple! As for the pitta breads, I fire up the cooker a little bit and lay the pitta on it for a few seconds, letting it char and turning it over to do the same with the other side. Then I cut it into strips and the snack is ready!


This one is so easy because you don’t even have to make anything! I buy the parmesan and basil flatbreads from Sainsburys and get a black or kalamata olive tapenade from anywhere. Then it’s as easy as spreading the tapenade on the flatbreads and eating it.


This is such a generic one that everyone will already know but I’ve fallen in love with having Tesco’s Madagascan Vanilla yoghurt with chopped strawberries for breakfast. That’s all I’ve got to say because it’s as easy as that.


Avocado is pretty much the biggest thing to happen to every blogger, youtuber and instagrammer ever. This is an alternative to the generic avocado on toast that I see all over Instagram, it’s something I’ve been having since I was really young. First, you simply cut carrot sticks for yourself. Then you mash up some avocado in a bowl, add the tiniest amount of olive oil and add some black pepper (and salt, if you want) for flavour. Then dip your sticks in the dip and enjoy!


Another thing I’ve been brought up on since I was young! Another very quick one that needs a very, very brief explanation! You’ll need some dark rye ryvitas, then all you do is spread light cottage cheese on top and place some fresh basil on top!

So those are my quick & easy healthy snack ideas! Some are really obvious but others are more personal to me or have my own little added ingredients, so I hoped I’ve hoped those of you looking to eat healthier!



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