5 Ways to Style Topshop Joni Jeans

So today on the blog I’m going to be styling the ever-loved Joni jeans from Topshop. I have two pairs, one black and one blue, and I’ll be using both to centre my outfits around.

 Before I start, I need to apologise for the use of mirror selfies in this blog post. I take my blog photos with my iPhone (which I don’t have a tripod for) and I find it extremely hard to take full outfit photos with my phone when I’m on my own with nobody to take a photo of me. I usually use my makeup brush holder as a makeshift tripod because it has a wavy design but that wasn’t working for these photos because I needed to show the outfit in full and that just wasn’t happening. This actually explains my lack of fashion, style and outfit posts. I can never take proper photos to be able to use for fashion posts, which is why there aren’t many on my blog despite fashion probably being a bigger passion of mine than makeup and beauty. I don’t want to buy a legit camera yet either since I’m just starting out my blog, and who has a spare few hundred quid to buy a proper DSLR camera? Not me. So for now we’ll have to deal with the iPhone selfies and mirror selfies, and hope that I work something out for the future. Anyway, on with the outfits.



This is probably my favourite out of every outfit I have created. It’s a staple outfit choice for me, something I’ll wear again and again. My black Joni jeans are definitely the easiest to wear out of the two since black is a much easier colour to work with and is my favourite colour to wear. There’s no colour in this outfit which makes it a lot easier to wear, and there is more than one appearance of both colours in the outfit, which makes it look more consistent and put-together. I love wearing outfits like this, they’re my go-to. This (fake) leather jacket is probably my most worn jacket, the jeans are probably my most worn pants and the boots are probably my most worn shoe. I also favour wearing tighter, slightly cropped tops like this one.

jacket – bershka

top – illustrated people

jeans – topshop

boots – river island

sunglasses – h&m


I think this outfit looks the most stylish and fashionable out of the five. It would also work with the black jeans. The draped shirt makes the outfit look a lot more classy and elegant but because of the sleeveless look it has, it’s still wearable and not too officewear formal. These boots look really chic, they’re black but have a peep of gold at the front as well as a tasteful gold chain on the back. I got them at the end of Winter in the sales so I haven’t been able to really wear them since it started getting warmer once they were bought but I’ll definitely be wearing them throughout this Autumn/Winter! The hat pulls the whole look together and adds to the style factor.

The only personal issue I have with this top is that, because it cover the top of the jeans, it makes my legs look way shorter than they are. I’m really short as it is, although my legs are longer than 99% of people I know who are taller than me, but I have to buy my jeans in a length that’s too short otherwise the jeans will be baggy on me, won’t fit around my waist and will look like boot-cut jeans on my ankles. Struggles. Since my jeans are a little shorter than needed, this already makes my legs look shorter than they are which is annoying.

shirt – topshop

jeans – topshop

boots – topshop

hat – h&m





The whole idea I had with this outfit was to create something comfy that could be worn with leggings, and to replace the leggings with black Joni jeans to make it look like you’ve tried just that little bit with your outfit. I love this Victoria’s Secret jumper, I believe it’s from their new loungewear collection and it’s extremely comfy. Converse are such easy shoes to just throw on too, so the outfit looks effortless and you’ll feel comfy in it.

jumper – victoria’s secret

jeans – topshop

shoes – converse



This is something you can wear anywhere in the day without feeling too underdressed or too overdressed. This is something I wear all the time, I love how well the white goes with the blue jeans. I added the bag because it ties the whole outfit together and if this is an everday outfit, you’ll probably be going out to town or college or to run errands, so a bag is needed. The pom-pom I added is such a thing lately, although I want to change the placing of it to the zips on the front of the bag.

top – pull & bear

jeans – topshop

shoes – converse

bag – topshop

pompom keyring – topshop


Ok, so this outfit was kind of a fail. I wanted to wear a cool, v cut bralet that I have with the jeans and heeled boots but the bralet zips up at the back so I couldn’t get it on myself, despite trying for a good twenty minutes. I also have another lace bralet that can be worn as a bra or a top, but I couldn’t find that. So this top was the next best thing after my two bralets. It has a very, very slight v cut and you can’t see it in this photo but it has a cool texture and subtle pattern that makes it look more appropriate for a night out. I like how the entire outfit is black apart from the boots, although the sides, the heel and the platform of the boots are all black. It makes it look sleeker and sexier which is perfect for a night out or a concert. You can also wear a cool, black bralet like I intended to do too.

top – pull & bear

jeans – topshop

boots – river island

So those are just a few ways how I style my Topshop Joni jeans! This can apply to any skinny, slim-fit jean that you have though! I hope this gives you all some #outfitinspo!





  1. Anonymous
    September 12, 2015 / 10:30 am

    Hi Yasmin, I noticed in your recent post you mentioned finding it difficult to take photos for your blog? I am an Art Foundation student and I did an A level in photography. I have my own DSLR camera and I can send some of my portfolio of work to you if interested, just message me either on here or message me on twitter @AmyBeer3. It would really help build my portfolio of work and I am really interested in photography and fashion. I only live just outside Brighton and would work for free. Hope to hear from you, Amy

    • Yasmin-Stefanie
      September 12, 2015 / 2:06 pm

      hey, thankyou so much for this! I need to do some stuff for college right now so I'll message you later today ♡

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