50 Thoughts We All Had During the Missguided 50% Off Sale

So at the start of the week, on Monday, Missguided dropped the bomb of a 50% off every single thing on their site sale and the country went crazy. So crazy that the website was down all day long, loads of pieces sold out, everyone freaked on Twitter and the sale had to be extended past 5PM because nobody could actually get on their website to access the sale. I, myself, was one of those people refreshing all day long just to get one thing for 50% off, and when I finally got it into my basket, of course the site went down until that night. I managed to get the dress in the end, in a different colour, after several attempts of paying while the website was crashing. Since it’s now been almost a week and we’re no longer aggravated by it anymore, I thought I’d share 50 thoughts that the 50% off sale all made us have.

1. Omg 50% off, I can finally get all those things I’ve had in my wishlist for like ever.

2. Oh the site is full? Not surprised with such a good offer tbh and I don’t mind waiting five or so minutes.

3. Refresh, refresh, refresh.

4. Omg I’m finally on the site.

5. Having a nice browse now, this is what I’m talking about.

6. Omg that’s only £20 with the discount code.


8. Of course my size is sold out.

9. I can get away with the next size up or down, right?

10. Oh and now every size has sold out.

11. Time to browse all over again.

12. And now the website is full again.

13. This is going to be worth the wait when I get £100 worth of stuff for £50, it will.

14. Or maybe it won’t.

15. Oh, it’s let me back in now.

16. This one looks similar enough to the sold out one.

17. If it’s half price I may as well go for it.

18. Why isn’t it going into my basket.

19. What.

20. Why.

21. Well while I wait for that to go in my basket, let’s search for more clothes.

22. It’s in my basket. I have it. Finally.

23. I can’t believe this is all 50% off.

24. I love you, Missguided.

25. Oh I’ve been kicked off the site again.

26. I hate you, Missguided.

27. I guess I’m going to have to wait it out if I have something in my basket already.

28. 15 minutes later.
29. I’m back on, let’s go.
30. I mean I’d never buy this if it was full price, but if it’s 50% off I can make an exception.
31. I can make a few exceptions.
32. I can’t believe I’m getting seven items for £40.
33. This is all worth it.
34. This has been worth the long wait.
35. Now I can check out in peace.
36. WHAT.
37. Why has it crashed the second I finally check out.
38. Nope.
39. NOPE.
40. It’s back, phew.
42. I’m done with this.
43. I can’t be done with this if it’s 50% off…
44. I’ll try again later.
45. Hours later and still nothing?
47. Sure, half of the stuff I tried to get earlier has sold out but I’ll still get the rest.
48. It’s actually letting me check out?!
49. This has been the longest day of my life but it’s all been worth it in the end.
50. Now I can move on with my life. And I still can’t believe I got all that for such a cheap price.

Did you manage to get anything in the great Missguided 50% off sale of 2016? Will you be telling your grandkids about it in years to come?



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