August Wishlist

Since August is now upon us, I now have my last month of freedom before I start college next month. This month my aim is to buy clothes that I can wear to college since I’ll no longer need to wear a uniform and I want to avoid the scenario where I sit on the floor in front of my wardrobe, staring inside it while wearing my pyjamas and deciding what to wear. First of all, this scenario will be avoided anyway because I’m getting rid of my wardrobe but more to the point, this scenario will be avoided because I want to buy good items of clothing that can be worn in many different ways and won’t go out of style. I’ve decided to showcase two items each from four different retailers that I’m planning to buy so that I can wear them to college. The key theme here is comfort, I want the majority of my clothes to be comfy so that I can throw them on and make my way to college on those cold, dark Autumn / Winter mornings that will soon be upon us in a matter of months.


1. Petite Jersey Bardot Top  £14

I love the whole Bardot thing going on at the moment, I know I said that I want clothes that won’t go out of style but I like the Bardot style whether or not it’s having it’s moment in fashion. I love how the top is layered with one big ruffle going around the top, it makes an otherwise quite plain top look girly. Having it in a jersey material makes it more comfy and casual too.

2. MOTO Rich Blue Joni Jeans  £36

I own barely any jeans and out of that I only ever wear one pair, my black Joni jeans. They are the only pair of skinny jeans that have ever actually been ‘skinny’ on me and they’re extremely comfy so I definitely need more in other colours, starting with a nice dark blue. My sizing is quite weird with jeans though because my legs are long enough for me to be able to the tall version but the width of my legs matches the petite version, I prefer to sacrifice length for width though because skinny jeans are only skin tight on me when they’re petite although I’m considering trying different sizes to find a compromise so I included the normal sized jeans here.


1. Crop top in Jersey ♡ £7.99

The new H&M ‘s Foxes collaboration is a dream come true for me because I’m a big fan of Foxes. I’m a big music fan and go to a fair few concerts but I’m not one for ‘merch’ because it’s not my thing but I love tops like this because the typical merch t-shirts you get from concerts are just a standard t-shirt that has no shape and doesn’t look flattering, whereas this is a pretty, feminine crop top. I also like that, although the top has Foxes’ name on it, it’s not obvious that it’s supporting a particular artist which is something else that puts me off of normal merch.

2. Beaded Shorts ♡ £19.99

These don’t look extremely comfy and they’re probably the least comfy item on my wishlist but in the shoot that Foxes did for her collaboration with H&M she paired the Foxes top with these shorts and the two looked amazing together which made me really want the shorts. I can also see the shorts going well with so many other tops that I already own and I think that the red colour, the beading and the pattern will make an otherwise plain outfit look a little bit more snazzy.


1. Top in Space Dye with Cowl Back  £18 

This looks so comfy but I also think that it’s something that’ll look stylish in any outfit which is a bonus because it means you can look good while feeling comfy. It’s a light knit which means you could wear it on its own or over something like a cami or vest top, meaning it’ll be versatile. I don’t have any real reason behind having it on my wishlist though, other than the fact that I saw it online and wanted it, but I’d definitely like to get my hands on it.

2. Woven Cami Top with Double Straps  £12

Surprisingly, I don’t actually own a plain black cami like this. I only own ones that are cropped, tight or have a peplum style ruffle on the bottom. I love this because it’s a staple piece that I can wear with anything and everything, and I like that it’s a not too tight but not too flowy so that it won’t grip to my body and make me feel a little insecure if I’m bloated or something. I also really like the slight V neckline and the double straps, it makes the cami look a bit more fancy.


1. Classic Zip Hoodie 

I’m not including pricing for the VS items because online the items are either shown in dollars or in the direct USD to GBP currency conversion which is an awkward number that wouldn’t match the UK in store price for these items. I saw this hoodie on the Victoria’s Secret Instagram account a little while ago now, just before the launch of their new loungewear collection, and I knew that I had to have it. I don’t have many hoodies at all and I’d like to have one that looks quite pretty so that I’d actually want to wear it. I don’t even need to say that this is going to be so comfy because that’s the whole purpose of a hoodie.

2. The Most-Loved Yoga Legging

I love the pretty angel wings on the waistband at the back of these! I want to get these because they’ll be very comfy since they’re yoga leggings and I could throw these on everyday with a different top or jumper whenever I’m not bothered to make and effort and I want to feel snug. I also don’t have any proper exercise attire so these would be really useful.

This week I’m going to try and dedicate myself to a Monday / Wednesday / Friday posting schedule as I’d like that to be my regular posting schedule for every week. This is why this post is going up so late, which I do apologise for. I’ve been busy today and I’ve only been able to post now but I wanted to get this up today because it’s a Monday. I will definitely try to avoid this next time though and schedule a post if I know I can only get it up at night.


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