Bronzed & Glowy Makeup

A couple weeks back I filmed an updated version of my everyday makeup routine ready to upload when my exams were over, so here it is! I got lots of new products in the last month and, as a result, switched up my makeup routine so I wanted to share what I got and how I was using them. 

We all know how much I love glowy skin, and I also take pride in my bronze-y contour (I can’t use contour products that are too cool-toned and grey for my contour against my skin so I usually just use bronzers) so I’ve called it a ‘bronzed and glowy’ look because that’s probably what I focus the most on achieving in my everyday makeup look.

There were some issues with the video not being available when I first uploaded it to unlisted to hopefully the issues are gone now and you’re able to watch it.



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