A/W Style: The Tan / Camel Roll Neck Knit Dress


Dress – H&M
Boots – River Island
Ring – Pandora

Apologies for there not being a blog post on Wednesday, I said on Twitter that I just wasn’t feeling up to blogging that day. This is the post I was going to put out on Wednesday anyway but since I was having a bit of a shitty day, I wasn’t happy with the post to put it up. Obviously I do actually like this post, hence why it’s going up now that I’m feeling myself again.

There are three things that have been on trend through all of Autumn so far and definitely will continue to be on trend through to the end of Winter, and those three things are the tan/camel colour, roll necks, and knitwear. Obviously my inner ~fashion maven~ came out to play yesterday because I picked up this dress from H&M that’s a knitted roll neck in a tan/camel colour. I had to photograph it and get it up on my blog as soon an humanely possible because it’s probably the most trendy item I’ve ever owned, and I’ve never had anything like this before. I love this so much because it’s so easy to style and looks effortless, and it doesn’t overwhelm my little 5’2 self, which always happens with dresses in this style and shape, and with knitwear in general. Ten outta ten for this dress, I’m probably gonna be living in it until Summer.

The colour doesn’t really show up in photos and, since I make my blog photos cooler when I edit them, they look even less true to colour. I didn’t touch the temperature of the very last photo so you can get an idea of the actual colour, but it’s much warmer in person, even warmer than the last photo. I can’t find this dress online to link it which I’m very sorry about!



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