products under £15 to keep blonde hair cool toned + ashy

cheap products under £15 keep blonde hair cool ashy silver white violet toned

Being blonde is a hell of a lot of fun and there are so many different shades to suit whatever you want. But if you want a less brassy, less warm blonde and a more silver, white, cool and/or ashy tone then you’ve come to the right place.

I am not a snob about many things, but when it comes to hair (and coffee) I admittedly can be. I’m not one for preaching that only expensive, luxury products are good, because that is 100% not the case, nor am I one for judging people based on the hair products they use. I mean, everything here happened to be under £15 yet is some of the best stuff you’ll ever use. I do, however, believe that there are tons of undiscovered, underrated brands that you can get for just as cheap as your usual shampoo and conditioner, and that you should buy products that suit your hair and its needs rather than following the crowd because a product or brand is ~cool~ at the moment.

So you can trust me when I say that, for keeping your blonde hair a nice and cool tone, these products are the real deal.



I’m going in big. This one is kinda my holy grail of keeping blonde hair cool products. If you’re familiar with the L’oreal Professionnel Silver shampoo then this is probably the best dupe for it you’ll ever find, I do not see a difference between the two products. The only noticeably different thing about the shampoo itself is that the Osmo one lathers so well. I’m one of those people who really needs to feel the shampoo lathering to know I have enough on my head, and this often results in using too much shampoo and, in turn, my hair getting greasy much much earlier. The amazing thing about this shampoo, and all Osmo ones tbh, is that you don’t need to use too much to get a good lather so it’s pretty easy to make sure you’ve rinsed it all out and it means your hair won’t get greasy so soon. This is how I only need to wash my hair once a week, y’all !!!!

Price wise, it’s cheaper than the L’oreal one but only by a bit, although you use less product because it lathers more so it’s definitely a much better value for money. hashtag we luv a dupe x


Do not be fooled. Sold as a wash out, temporary hair colour, this is literally one of the best toners-that-isn’t-a-toner for your hair you will ever use. Ever. If you like the silvery violet look in cool blonde hair, this one’s for you. I used it a few different ways depending on the type of colour I wanted to get. Back when I wanted really silver / white / violet toned hair that was so cool it practically wasn’t blonde anymore, this was the one product I knew would give me that look. For a less harsh look, mix it with your conditioner and leave it to sit on your head for a bit. For a slightly stronger cool violet tone, leave it to sit on your head for a bit without conditioner. Or go all out and put it all over your head, no conditioner mixed in, and sit with it for a good hour or two before going back to wash it out. The colour as an actual dye isn’t too strong or pigmented, which is why it makes an 11/10 toner instead.


I’m cry at how cheap this is. I never knew til I looked it up for this post because my mum just brought it home one day. Wow. I’m cry. For only £3 (and at the time of writing on sale for £2.40!!) you NEEEED this! The 300ml, which is what I have, is slightly more expensive but still under a tenner so a steal. It’s basically the hair mask version of the previously mentioned shampoo, and it’s lush. It leaves your hair looking and feeling amazing because of the quality of the mask, and your blonde colour will look soooo clean after this. It’s not as strong as the Bleach colour in terms of making a super noticible difference in the shade / colour of your cool tone of blonde but it’s perfect for when your hair is starting to get dull and brassy because it cleans it right up and leaves it looking salon fresh. This with the shampoo is an absolute dream combo.


Every product in this range is amazing for maintaining your colour, so worth using every wash whilst mixing in the above products when your hair starts getting warm and brassy. I didn’t even realise they had a silver shampoo until searching the full range so now I want to try it out. The treatment is v good for every so often but if you’re only going to have one mask or treatment since they’re not an every-single-wash type product then I’d probably go for the violet one because it actually does the keeping your blonde hair cool thing that this blog post is here to serve. The normal, ‘rich’ shampoo is the one I’ve tried before and I don’t remember it being rich although I’d go easy on it and maybe not use it if you know your hair can’t take products that are too rich and heavy. The conditioner I loovveee and miss, I rly need to use this stuff again. And the spray conditioner is the best thing to spray over your hair after towel drying and before combing, it leaves your hair so soft and makes it easier to brush and dry after.

If you’re looking for a solid hair care routine then the Osmo shampoo, this conditioner and this spray conditioner are a perfect every single wash routine, add in this rich shampoo if you like using two different ones like myself, then the others for an every so often colour tone and refresh.

One lil last tip, one I tell everyone because I think everyone needs to know about it, is that you need to get yourself down to Tk Maxx for all the best hair products. All of the mentioned brands, apart from Bleach London (which is available at Boots as well as their own online store and salons) are stocked in Tk Maxx. Of course their stock varies in every store but you can get these brands as well as TIGI’s Bedhead, Catwalk and S Factor, as well as the likes of Redken, KMS California and Pureology. If you want to try out some salon-approved products and brands on the cheap then Tk Maxx is your best bet.

Do you have any product recommendations to keep blonde hair cool toned and ashy? I’m always on the lookout so let me know!





  1. Rosa Fairfield
    January 24, 2018 / 9:09 pm

    I’ve actually been looking into finding something that will cool my currently highlighted hair recently. I’ll have to look into some of these.

    • Yasmin Stefanie
      January 25, 2018 / 2:46 pm

      ahh I hope they help!

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