Denim & Leather

Denim Shirt – Topshop
Leather Jacket – Bershka
Jeans – Topshop
Boots – River Island
Bag – Topshop
Jewellery – Michael Kors & Pandora

Just a quick outfit post for you all this lovely Monday morning! I’ve already done an outfit post about how I wear my denim shirt with my Joni jeans here but I saw a denim shirt for sale on a website (I don’t remember what store or site, sorry!) being styled similarly to this, with the shirt buttoned up and tucked into black jeans, which gave me some ~oUtFiT iNsPo~ and I ended up wearing this! I feel like this outfit is a bit different for me and my comfort zone, if you wanna call it that, but I really like it so I’ll definitely be wearing it again. Wearing the same outfit twice isn’t a crime in the fashion blogging world, right? This hasn’t been clarified for me anywhere but who has the money to buy a whole new outfit for everyday of their lives? I thought wearing the same outfit twice was only a crime if you’re London Tipton? (can we tell I spent my Friday watching three hours worth of Suite Life?). I’m still doing the double denim thing, I’m really liking denim at the moment and it’s definitely an AW15 trend, I won’t elaborate about it, though, otherwise I’ll just be repeating myself with what I said in that other double denim post.

You may remember my shunning my mirror selfies in this post about bad blogging habits that I need to break but I’ve decided against that now. I’m quite impulsive and indecisive, as you’re all slowly learning. I’m going to embrace the mirror selfie because I don’t wanna be a bullshit, unattainable blogger that thinks mirror selfies are below me. If I have the chance to take proper outfit photos then I will and I’ll use them on my blog but I’m not opposed to a mirror selfie on here anymore. I mean, most people take mirror selfies of their outfits anyway, not have a full on Elle magazine style editorial shoot (though if I could take photos like that for my blog – and I will eventually – that would look pretty amazing). But I just thought that I’d mention my change of heart before you all wondered why I was such a hypocrite – I’m not.

Finally, I’ve been wanting to mention this on the end of a post for a while now so I’m gonna do it here and now. A couple of weeks ago now, I read about the story of Cassidy. Cassidy is a feral kitten who lost both of his legs when he was born and he survived for nine weeks all on his own before he was found and taken in by a cat rescue organisation called TinyKittens. When they posted his story online and showed him on their livestream, people sent in wheelchairs for him and you can read the story and watch the super, super adorable of him walking for the first time using his wheelchair here – I bawled my eyes out at it.

You can also watch the 24/7 live feed of Cassidy on TinyKittens here, sometimes he’s not in the room but most of the time when you go on it he should be there, I love watching it.

Cassidy is such a sweetheart and his story makes me so happy because he was able to recover, he can walk again and now he’s going about like any other normal kitty! He also looks quite a lot like my own cat which makes me love him even more. Anyone who knows me know that I love cats way too much but I know that everyone will feel happy reading Cassidy’s story and watching him! He’s beautiful and he’s so strong.

Are you a fan of the denim trend? And didn’t Cassidy’s story make you smile?




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