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yasmin stefanie cgd london goals 2020 diary

For the last couple of years I’ve done one of those posts trying to advise getting yourself and your life together ahead of the New Year, so that it’s easier to set some resolutions and follow your goals for the following year. And I won’t lie, I feel like posts like that aren’t as productive to me as I once found them, and me doing another one for the third year running would be a bit too much because they do cringe me out a bit now and it’s starting to feel like empty advice. So we’re gonna do something different this year x

If you know me, you know that I rely heavily on lists and notes and reminders because my short term memory is appallingly bad to the point where I’ve contemplated going to the doctors about it. I could be doing something really important, but I probably won’t remember what day or time it’s meant to happen. I struggle a lot more with organisation than I do motivation, so I know that when it comes to this time of year and you wanna start setting some new year’s resolutions, organising yourself beforehand is as important as trying to achieve your goals. This is why I want to give actual concise and productive advice this year, no fluffy waffle, and introduce you to the CGD London Goals 2019/2020 diary*.

yasmin stefanie cgd london goals 2020 diary


I don’t really do the whole new year’s resolution thing but I’m not sure if that’s just because I start some good habits about a month before the new year so I can carry them forward, which is the piece of advice I’ve always given in these types of blog posts before – start early instead of waiting until January. That’s why this post comes now, you’ve got just over a month to get it together so you’re ready to achieve some 2020 goals and thankfully because the Goals diary starts from June 2019 you’ll be able to start using it now to work your way up.

The really nice bit about goal-setting within the planner is that you have space to write your monthly goals at the beginning of each month but each week you’ve also got a lil section to write your goals for the week, and I’m a big believer in setting yourself lots of little achievable shorter-term goals to work towards your one big overall long-term goal. To me, it’s so much easier to motivate yourself to achieve a big goal if you’re making it appear easier and more attainable by doing all the little things bit by bit that need to be done to get to where you want to be. But there’s also something about taking a moment to write those goals down each week and each month that shifts your perspective on them a bit. Once you’ve written them down, they’re set in stone (unless you use whiteout lol x) and that makes them feel more important and worth working towards than if you’d just typed them in your phone notes or thought them in your head.

yasmin stefanie cgd london goals 2020 diary


This definitely isn’t just a diary for your 2020 resolutions though, it’s probably the most useful diary I’ve ever had because I’m so super guilty of buying snazzy colourful ones with cool pages and stickers inside every year, and then not touching it after a couple of months because there’s nothing it can do for me that my phone can’t do better. Because like I said, my life relies on all those lists and notes and reminders. The thing that I love about the diary is that you get the year overview, a month, and a week with every hour from 8AM-8PM of every day there for you to write in if you need it. Which I need with my memory of a sieve. The fact that you have space to write in every waking hour of the week in this diary might not be much to you but for me it’s a massive game changer. And physically writing things down makes them far easier for your brain to remember than typing them into your phone.

The layout of the planner lets you see your schedule and manage your time however suits you or your plans best. Need to remember someone’s birthday? Whack it in the month grid. Got an eyelash appointment? Put it in the hour slot. Want to see what day of the week your birthday will be on in 2020 so you can start planning it now even though you haven’t even had your 2019 birthday yet because you are one of the elite – a December baby? Take a peep at the yearly calendar overview. It’s really versatile and has everything you need in one. Gone will be the days of my phone reminders and random notes dating back years with an appointment or interview date and time I need to remember.

yasmin stefanie cgd london goals 2020 diary

With Christmas coming up, I know a lot of people who ask to receive a good diary as one of their presents and if that’s you, or you just don’t know what to get someone else, or you don’t know what to ask for yourself, I couldn’t recommend this diary more. If you feel like you’re not on top of everything and need to actually see what’s going on in your life (lol me) or feel like you need to pull yourself together a bit, get organised and have everything in one place (lol me) then this diary is for you. You get every day in detail, an overview of the month and a calendar of the year, and the goal-setting and to-do lists are just the nicest touches on what is already a life changing, practical dream of a diary. I’ve been reading CGD London’s Career Girl Daily blog for years, it’s one of the very few left that I check and read religiously because of their fuss free, super concise, actually helpful life advice, so I knew their diaries would be the best of the best and actually benefit your life. Oh, and it’s super pretty because of how simple it is.

And you can get 15% off your own CGD London Goals 2019/2020 diary with my code ‘ YASMINS15

Don’t say I never did anything for you x

yasmin stefanie cgd london goals 2020 diary

See you in 2020 when we’ve all gotten ourselves together with the help of this diary (jokes I have an off season post up next week but ykno what I mean)


post in collaboration with CGD London who kindly gifted me their diary. all words, photos, thoughts and opinions are my own. read more in my disclaimer.


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