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So I know Tuesdays weren’t my usual post days but I’ve been wanting to try and work out a new schedule so posts may not be regular for a bit while I try some out! Plus I thought it was very fitting to put out my gift guide on the first day of December! I’ve collected 28 different things that I think would make perfect Christmas presents for the women in your life (or birthday presents too if, like me, your birthday is at Christmas time) and ordered them from least expensive to most expensive so have a look and I hope these help you when buying people’s gifts this year!

PAPERCHASE // White Gold Glitter Vinyl 2016 Diary // £8 

Stationary makes for such a lovely present, and what better than a 2016 diary since we’re approaching the New Year? These ones are super cute because they’re all glittery, and there’s various other colours such as pink and gunmental, but I’ve linked this gold one for you all!

KIKKERLAND via SELFRIDGES // Unicorn Wooden Corkscrew Bottle Opener // £8.95

I initially found this on ASOS but it’s sold out there at the moment so I’ve linked it via Selfridges. I think this little unicorn is so cool! It’s quite a unique present but it’s really great as either a stocking filler or a thoughtful, funny little gift for someone who you don’t need or want to buy a big, expensive present for. Obviously suited to people who aren’t my age and who can actually drink to be able to use this. Who doesn’t love unicorns?

ASOS // Hot Chocolate Book // £9.99

I thought this was a really nice little gift, especially for this time of year! It’s actually really helpful too because you get some snazzy hot chocolate recipes from it. Wouldn’t mind this myself actually, I may need to buy it.

HMV // 25 – ADELE // £9.99

How could I not include this? Adele is everywhere right now, and rightfully so. 25 is the most hyped up album right now and Hello is the most hyped up song right now, so the album is a perfect gift for anyone because everyone loves a bit of Adele.

PAPERCHASE // Pretty Cats Hip Flask // £10

Again, a gift where you need to not be my age in order to receive it otherwise you can’t actually use it. They do have travel mugs with this same pattern too so that’s something to look into for someone who can’t drink alcohol but I just love the little print, the kitties are so adorable and they look all classy! 

TOPSHOP // Fluffy Beanie Hat // £14

Since it’s so hard to buy someone clothes because sizes are never quite right, a safer fashion option is some nice accessories, like this beanie. I’ve eyed this up a few times in Topshop myself and it’s perfect for the cold Winter months ahead of us, the colour is so nice too.

ASOS // Christmas Knitted Heart Hot Water Bottle and Socks Set // £16

A cute gift that, while simple, would be really appreciated by whoever you give it to because, like the previous one, it’s perfect for the cold Winter months!

WHSMITH // Made: A Book of Style, Food and Fitness – Millie Mackintosh // £16.99

This is currently on sale for £11.98 though I’m not sure how long the offer lasts so I’ve listed it full price just in case. I’ve wanted this for a while now myself, and it’s a really good gift because it covers a few good bases. Perfect for someone who enjoys reading blogs because it’s focused around similar topics.

SKINNYDIP LONDON // iPhone 6/6s Glitter Unicorn Case // £18

I couldn’t not include a Skinnydip case because I love them so much. This one has unicorns and is filled with heart-shaped glitters that move when you shake your phone or move it about. I believe they also have it for other phone shapes and types, plus there’s loads of other amazing cases if you don’t think the person you’re buying the gift for will like this one – even though this has unicorns and glitter which is just everything. 

NAILS INC // Festive Cracker // £19

This is such a nice gift. The packaging is adorable and perfect for Christmas, Nails Inc. nail polishes are such amazing quality, and these three shades are gorgeous.

TOPSHOP // Christmas Smokey Eye Kit // £20

Oh my god, I am in love with this. I’ve included it in my gift guide purely because I love it so, sooooo much. I can’t get it for Christmas since I want the entire Ellie Goulding MAC collection when that comes out but I might just go and buy it for myself because I love it so much. Get it. If I can’t have it, everyone else should so that I can live my Topshop eyeshadow stick dreams through them. 

VICTORIA’S SECRET // Hydrating Body Lotion Gift Set // £20.56

Before I planned to make my own gift guide, I saw these on the VS site and thought to myself that, if I did one, I’d include these. Perfect gift and a perfect way to get someone something from Victoria’s Secret if you don’t have a close enough relationship or bond to be buying each other panties, or if you just don’t wanna fork out the money for the lingerie etc. 

ZERO GRAVITY via ASOS // Gold Cat Clutch iPhone 6 Case // £23

I didn’t want to include two phone cases but I found this when browsing ASOS for things to include and I couldn’t not add it in because it’s a cat, and I love cats, but it’s also subtle and really cool.

TOM FORD via SELFRIDGES // Lips & Boys // £27 each

These are everywhere at the moment so I thought I’d include them here. The packaging is slick and chic, the range of colours they have is amazing and the little TF in the lipstick looks so fancy. Any of the Tom Form Lips & Boys lipsticks are perfect for getting someone something a little more expensive without absolutely blowing your budget.

LUSH // Stardust Gift Box // £27.95

I usually get a Lush gift box at Christmas every year, and they’re such nice presents to receive because you get a nice variety of Lush products that will last you a little while over various baths, and it gives you a chance to try some new Lush products that you wouldn’t have otherwise tried. I’ve put two in this gift guide because I couldn’t pick my favourites out of what’s inside each. This one contains six products.

TOPSHOP // Faux Fur Tonal Stole // £28

Faux fur is so in right now and these scarves are such a stylish way to wear it, you can wear them as a collar to jazz up a jacket or as a scarf. A really good gift for anyone who’s into fashion.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY via SELFRIDGES // K.i.s.s.i.n.g Mini Lipstick Trio // £29

I had to include something Charlotte Tilbury in here, and I think this little set is so lovely because the overall packaging is pretty and so is the packaging of each individual lipstick. The colours are gorgeous and would work on so many skin tones.

 URBAN OUTFITTERS // Pyropet Kisa Candle in Grey or Pink // £30

I love, love, love these! They’re candles in the shape of KITTIES! I saw these on Instagram not long ago then found them on Urban Outfitters’ website. It’s a really cool twist on the traditional candle that you’d give for Christmas

VICTORIA’S SECRET // Eau de Parfum Gift Set // £30.84

This is such a lovely way to give a few different perfumes to someone for Christmas so they can see which scent they like best and try a few different ones out! Victoria’s Secret make my favourite perfumes, their perfumes are really underestimated, and in this you get the pretty bottles too.

LUSH // Sweet Christmas Gift Set // £35.50

This is the second Lush gift box, it’s got seven things as opposed to the six in the other one so this is a little bit pricier but, like I said, I couldn’t pick my favourite of the two!

URBAN OUTFITTERS // Western Blanket Cape // £36

So I initially had a different cape from UO in my gift guide but when I went back to the link for it, it was out of stock. This one is very similar to the other one I had, though, and is the same price. It’s a good clothing gift because it’s one of those things where the size doesn’t have to be exact, and capes like this are everywhere at the moment. Here is the link for the one that went out of stock, just in case it comes back.

VICTORIA’S SECRET // The Dreamer Flannel Pyjama in Red/Green Lurex Plaid // £37.17

I considered adding the silk, pink striped pyjamas from VS as they’re the classic ones, but I thought these ones were a bit more festive. Again, a great way to get someone something from VS without needing to get them lingerie if you aren’t close enough to the person to get away with that. Pyjamas seem to be a common Christmas Eve present to wear overnight and on Christmas morning when you’re opening presents and just chilling, and these ones are so pretty!

URBAN DECAY // Naked Smokey Palette // £38

It’s become a bit of a tradition for me to get a different Naked palette every Christmas (although last Christmas I ended up getting mine six months late) and the smokey is the latest addition to the collection, so I had to include it here! All of the Naked palettes are so beautiful and such great quality with a lovely range of colours and good pigmentation. This one is darker and smokier, as the name suggests, so it’s perfect for all the Christmas / New Year / festive season parties!

LAURA MERCIER via SPACE.NK // Matte to Metal Holiday Caviar Stick Eye Colour Collection // £39

More eyeshadows! I didn’t realise until after I went back over everything I’d selected for this gift guide but this is pretty much the luxury, expensive version of the Topshop eyeshadow sticks mentioned earlier. The Topshop one contains three and this one contains six, and is just under double the price, so this one is actually amazing value for money. I didn’t wanna be super cliche and add that Laura Mercier body set with the honey dipper thing that seems to be in everyones gift guides lately (though, not gonna lie, I’d love one mysself) but I wanted to add something from them and I remember when one of my best friends and I went to Selfridges in Summer, we were in love with these!

MICHAEL KORS via SELFRIDGES // Jet Set Travel Card Holder in Pearl Grey // £40

Having something designer is always a treat, and a travel card holder is a great way to give a designer gift but not have it be too expensive. Michael Kors is such a loved brand right now so I included this one which I think looks so pretty!

HOURGLASS via SPACE.NK // Ambient Lighting Edit // £65

This is everywhere right now and in everyone’s gift guides, and rightfully so! It’s something I’d love to receive myself, it’s such a beautiful palette! A must-have gift for any makeup lover for sure.

PANDORA // Moments Silver Bracelet With Heart Clasp £55 and Crystallised Snowflake Charm £50 // £105

Pandora is such a nice place to receive a present from at Christmas because they have cute Winter-y and Christmassy products and packaging, and I wanted this bracelet since I saw it around Valentine’s Day, it’s so so cute with the heart clasp! Then this charm is from the new Winter collection which is very fitting! A more luxury present.

FRENDS via ASOS // Layla Rose Gold Headphones // £139.99

These headphones have been all over Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest in the last year or so! They’re so beautiful, white and rose gold with the cool stud-like shape on the ear bits! A really great gift for music lovers who also like to have pretty things. While I’m not a massive fan of headphones myself, I much prefer earphones for convenience, these are way too pretty.

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