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Hey hi hello, so I did something a little diff and allowed y’all to vote on my Twitter for what my next post should be and a review of every single GlamGlow mask won, so here we are. GG masks from the viewpoint of an 18 year old girl who still has the skin of a 14 year old at the peak of puberty – aka, the masks worked well but it probably doesn’t look like it because I don’t think my skin has been totally clear since I was ten but they’ll work better for anyone else with, ykno, NORMAL SKIN.

I’ve got the multimasking set so that I could try every single one of their masks out before deciding which one would be worth spending my dolla on, so whether you’re here to choose your favourite of the six or you’re here because you want to see if it’s worth buying the set to get them all I’ve got you covered.


So this is the one you’ve probably seen all over Insta, YouTube, your fave blogs and p much anywhere that you follow someone who is into a bit of beauty. The silver mask that comes in purple packaging that is super satisfying to peel off. GRAVITYMUD promises to firm and tone your skin, and whenever you see someone trialling the mask in a video they come out looking like they’ve smoothed their face out with botox of filler or whichever form of surgery gives you that sorta skin. I’ll be honest, if you don’t have clear skin it may not be worth the purchase on its own and you may need one of the more cleansing masks before using this one to be able to see noticeable results. The results are definitely still there either way, but it’s much harder to see when you’re cursed with little bumps all over your forehead and cheeks. I use this under my eyes instead so not to waste product on somewhere it’s just not going to work, and that does work well. If you have skin like mine, it’s definitely better to use more product under your eyes than less under your eyes and more all over your skin. However, if you have pretty good skin with the odd blemish every so often but still feel like your skin is a bit blah and could be better, this mask will be p e r f e c t for you.


This is the one I ran out of first and still the only one I’ve actually run out of, so that’s how good it is. The GLAMGLOW site calls this a facial in a jar (or a little tube if you have multimasking) and it’s a pretty accurate description. I reserved my use of this one for when my skin really needed it and for when I really wanted my skin to look good. After a long, long day in London with a full face of makeup that ended up sweating into my pores after countless tube and train rides, my skin felt rank. No other word for it, it was atrocious and I could just feel it in my face. I chucked this on for about twenty minutes when I got home that night and the next morning you couldn’t tell that I’d caked on as much makeup as I had and let it block my pores for a good 18 hours. I used it again a week later the night before Wimbledon because I’d had an awful breakout the night before the night before Wimby (lol) and didn’t want shit skin in any pics I took. Aside from one massive spot on my cheek that still managed to reduce massively, all of my blemishes were gone. I’m one of those people who doesn’t feel like a skincare product is working unless you can feel it almost burning your skin, and this one definitely does that. It’s definitely not a regular one but it’s a damn good one.  This one improves the condition of your skin, gets any dirt off of your skin and out of your pores but, unlike some exfoliating products that can leave your skin looking red and super scrubbed away at, your skin is instead left looking soft and fresh afterwards. I’m not sure if it’s called YOUTHMUD because it’s meant to make your skin look more youthful or it helps ~the youth~ get rid of hormonal puberty skin but it’s helping me with the latter so that’s my take away from it. 11/10. (I actually cannot say / type that score without thinking of that moment)


My one and only. This one comes slightly bigger than all of the others in the multimasking set, but had it been the same size I definitely would’ve run out by now. This is some good shit. This really, truly leaves my skin looking good after and clears out anything I have on my face giving me a 14 year old during puberty look. I feel like this is more usable than the YOUTHMUD because it’s less harsh on the skin than an exfoliating treatment and, even though it may not seem like it’s doing as much compared to the previous mask, it’s so effective at completely clearing out your skin and cleansing your face. One of my best friends had the multimasking set too and this mask was her favourite, and I’m almost certain it’s mine too. It’s the solution to all your skin problems. The GLAMGLOW site says it’s not for use on sensitive skin but I have such sensitive skin and this still works wonders for me. I usually chuck it on for a good 30-60 mins while I’m watching something on TV and when I wash it away I’m left with skin that’s 100x better than before I applied the mask. It does a lot of what I said the YOUTHMUD does – gets rid of blemishes, unclogs pores, clears out all the crap in your skin essentially – but because this is specifically a clearing treatment it’s a lot better at doing those things more often, whereas the previous mask is a once in a while when you really need the extra help sort. I feel like this is definitely underestimated compared to the previous two masks mentioned and is definitely way more effective long term than them, so it’s well worth splashing out on.


I have some of the driest skin you will ever come across in life, so anything hydrating sounds life-changing to me. I use this a little untraditionally but the results it gives me are amazing and you can definitely feel the hydration in your skin for the entire day after using it. This is my go-to after a night out or any time spent drinking, I use it as more of an overnight moisturiser, sleep with it on and wash it off in the morning before cleansing. My skin is the WORST when it comes to drinking, I can literally become a lizard and my eczema goes wild, and I can and will wake up with dry patches of skin flaking off on my face the morning after a night out. I am the most dedicated to my skincare routine that I’ve been known to insist on carrying out the full night routine even when in a state that I didn’t remember anything the next day and my mum has to pry my cleansers out of my hand and try to force a wipe over my face instead. But since getting the multimasking set, I have always, always applied this before bed after I’ve been drinking. (soz, I feel like one of those year 8s who brag about drinking WKD in the park and thinking they’re rly hard but this is legit one of the only times I use the mask) It has changed my life. I wake up with skin that’s in the exact same, if not better condition than the night before and, for someone who literally used to have flakes falling off their face the morning after, it’s a huge result. You can feel it on your skin all day even after washing it off and carrying on your normal morning skincare routine. I’ve used it on planes a couple of times too because the air up there messes me up just as bad and I’ve had the exact same results. If you have dry skin this is a game changer and makes your skin look so, so, so much better and can give you that lit-from-within glow.


It took me 5eva to try this one out because I’d literally never heard of it before getting the kit, I just knew there was a green packaged GLAMGLOW mask. This does wonders for the 14 year old puberty skin I so unfortunately possess. It gives your skin a nice, deep, double cleanse. This is 1000000% the most underrated mask they have because it cleanses your skin like no other. Forget your usual double cleanse routine, don’t be out here thinking you don’t need this mask if you already have two good cleansers that make up your double cleanse. This really gets right in there and cleanses every little thing out. The website says it mixes the power of mud and the power of oil, so maaaybe if you have oily skin it might not work as well, but the combination does work wonders for me, so again if you’re a dry skin gyal like me then it should work those same wonders for you too. It hydrates your skin while cleansing it, so when you wash away you’re left with lush skin. No other word to describe it, your skin looks and feels lush. This is definitely worth a try because nobody realises how good it is.


We know I love bright, glowy skin, so this is a little love affair of mine. I’m trying to read the thing on their website to see how / why it brightens but it’s too confusing. To simplify it right down, this is another one that gives you a lit-from-within glow. Your complexion is bright and even and your skin looks radiant. I’ll admit, this is one I probably wouldn’t fork out like £40 on for a big tub of, but if you can get your hands on a mini size or this kit it’s worth using about once a week to keep your skin looking fresh and bright. This all over the face with GRAVITYMUD under the eyes is the dream combo. Glowy goodness.

Soooo, those are my thoughts on every single one of the GLAMGLOW masks. I’m tryna pick one to repurchase in the smaller tubs because I have enough Boots points to pay but I’m kinda torn between SUPERMUD, YOUTHMUD and POWERMUD so help ya girl out and let me know which GLAMGLOW mask is your favourite!



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