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Glossier body hero duo, milky jelly cleanser, lip gloss

So last month, it finally happened. Glossier came to the UK. 💖💖
If you’re out here reading a blog then you most likely know what Glossier is but, just in case you don’t, Glossier is the cult beauty brand brainchild of Emily Weiss of the Into The Gloss blog. They started off with phase one, skincare, before progressing onto phases two and three – makeup and body. And now they’ve just released their first ever fragrance.

Their products are an Instagrammer’s dream – minimalistic with lots of white and millennial pink, and they’re not too draining for the bank account. If you’re a fan of keeping your skin in check and natural / minimal makeup looks, you’re gonna be a big fan of Glossier.

Of course, like any other hashtag typical beauty blogger, when Glossier set up in the UK started shipping here I had to place an order. It’s been a couple weeks with my beloved products now so I wanted to give you the lowdown on what I bought and what I think. Though, since I referred to them as beloved products I guess that’s a pretty big giveaway.


I’ve never been a lipgloss girl – at least not in the last five years. My lipgloss days started out with the sparkly glosses that came pressed in a Claire’s makeup phone with a little tatty brush to apply it with, and progressed into hot pink Barry M squeezy tubes and light up lipgloss wands with little mirrors on the side of the tube from Diva back in Straya. And then, by Summer 2012, that all kinda died out. I entered the world of Revlon Lip Butters and MAC lipsticks, and now I’m a NYX liquid lip kinda gyal. I have been wanting a gloss for a little while but in an age of Juvaderm and Kylie Jenner I’ve not gone out without wearing lipliner unless it’s a no makeup day in a good three years because I’ve been too insecure about my lip size (lol). Since Glossier lip gloss, I’ve not touched lipliner. Not one single day has gone by yet where I’ve worn it as part of my everyday makeup look, I just scrub my lips, pop the gloss on and go. So it’s kinda changed my life and helped me out with an insecurity.


So I’d heard lots about this before, it’s kinda had a skin-saviour-life-changing reputation but, as I said in my GLAMGLOW mask post, I have the skin of a tween going through puberty so I’m always skeptical of just how much of a difference a product will make to the state of my skin. This isn’t going to get rid of every single blemish and spot and bump and blackhead you have and leave you with a flawless, Victoria’s Secret Angel complexion but it is going to nourish and comfort your skin. It’s labelled a conditioning face wash and that’s exactly what it is, it feels like it’s conditioning your skin and leaves it feeling smooth and soft. It works as a makeup remover but I’ve admittedly never tried that, I use it in the morning after my hot cloth cleanser, in the place I used to use my Philosophy Purity cleanser. I like a fuss-free, unscented cleanser as my second step in the mornings as we can tell, so this is a great stand in until broke student me gets more Purity as a Christmas or birthday gift. I’m thinking I’ll switch Milky Jelly to the evenings when I get a new Purity so maybe I’ll update you on here or Instagram or Twitter about my thoughts on the cleanser as a nighttime skincare routine step.
TL;DR do I think this is going to magically transform your skin overnight? no. But would I repurchase this again and see some benefits of it to my skin? definitely.


Oh. My. God. This is life changing. Who needs all that microblading or whatever it is when you can just buy Boy Brow?! This, on its own, is a look. It adds to your brows, makes them look fuller and gives them a really good wash of colour so they look filled in enough to hide any gaps. It’s completely overtaken Benefit Gimme Brow for me – which is great timing because I’m p sure I’ve heard it’s been recalled? I use it alone on no makeup days and to the gym and over my Anastasia Dipbrow to set my brows and keep the hairs looking full and real after pressing them into shape with the pomade.


I am obsessed with these and I am going to be repurchasing them for the rest of my life. The oil wash is the best thing I could’ve ever asked for my super dry skin. During Winter I transform into a lizard and I am plagued with eczema every single day of my life, and this oil wash has been the best helper in combatting my dry skin and stopping me from turning into a lizard. I’ve seen people complaining that they use it up so fast because it takes so many pumps to make the oil wash lather enough to wash but I’m p sure they’re missing the point. The oil wash isn’t meant to lather up like a soap, it just froths enough to cover your body with a good two or three pumps and the way it feels on the skin is incredible. It’s gynaecologist tested too, if you care about that kinda thing, which you should – normal body washes mess with your pH balance but this doesn’t.
The daily perfecting cream. omg. I said before that you shouldn’t expect VS Angel skin with the face cleanser but with this body cream you should expect it because you will get it. It makes you look glowy and radiant af, and smooths out the skin so any temporary blemishes and patches of dry skin on your body look invisible unless you’re right up close to them. It dries so super quick after applying too and doesn’t feel sticky whatsoever, so you can pop your pyjamas or whatever you’re wearing for the day on as soon as you’ve used it. Their website also promises that it tones and tightens skin, and now that I read that I totally agree. This duo is everything and they’re a great help in feeling a bit more body confident once you see your skin so smooth and radiant.
Also, the scent. Wowee. The scent is everything and more. It’s orange blossom neroli and it’s fucking amazing – and that’s coming from ya girl who isn’t a fan of the orange scent at all. I’ve been having such trouble sleeping at uni but a shower with these two right before bed really relaxes me and helps with the sleep issue thanks to the calming scent.

That’s all I picked up in my first ever Glossier order. I’m sold, I believe the hype and I see exactly why Glossier is such a cult brand. Sign me up for the cult because I want to be a lifelong member.

 With news of their London pop-up launching soon I’m definitely getting my arse down there when I’m in London for the ATP Finals and picking up a couple more bits, so expect a lot more Glossier love on the blog!

Aaaaand, the best bit! If you wanna place your own Glossier order, ya girl’s got you. Get 10% off your Glossier order here!


Glossier body hero duo, lipgloss


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