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Hey, hi, hello. A very quick lil post today, to kind of follow up my last post – a Glossier haul and review. I went to their London pop up on Friday and it was incredible, so super briefly and quickly I thought I’d share some snaps and opinions before it closes so you can get yourself down there too!

First things first, the Glossier pop up is open for two more days, the 21st and 22nd, from 11AM-8PM in Marylebone at 32 Portland Place (just me who thinks of frickin Fifty Shades when I hear Portland Place??). I got off the tube as Oxford Circus because I went down to Carnaby Street before going to Glossier, but it was an easy 5-10 min walk up from the station.

It’s so beautiful, it was so so so much better than I expected. It doesn’t look like a pop up at all, much more like a permanent fixture – which, hopefully, isn’t too far away from being a reality.

There’s a neon pink light outside the door so you already know it’s Glossier when you approach, especially at night. There’s a little foyer where you pick up your purchases and a grand spiralling staircase when you first walk in, very Gossip Girl.

Both upstairs and downstairs have showrooms with every Glossier product available to test across a few different tables so that, even when it’s super busy, there should always be at least one of every product available to look at and try. Once you’ve decided what you want you just go over to one of the girls in Glossier overalls and they take your order on an iPad that you go and collect in the foyer a few minutes later, super quick and easy!

The decor is beautiful, aside from the showrooms there’s a perfume room dedicated to their new Glossier You fragrance that reminds me a bit of going into a Victoria’s Secret fitting room. It’s plush and red velvet with low, red toned lighting, a mirrored wall perfect for selfies, and little dressing table-esque set ups with bottles of perfume on the shelf tables.

Downstairs, there’s a waiting room with pink walls, opulent ceilings, and a beautiful fireplace with books and flowers within it and a Glossier photo collage above. Big Glossier pics and murals fill the frames in the walls and there are some comfy velvet seats (which I couldn’t get a pic of cos one girl was having a photoshoot all over them, you go bby).

The showrooms themselves are typical Glossier. Clean white with the odd pop of colour from the beautiful pink flowers seen absolutely everywhere in the pop up store. The focus is entirely on the products in the minimal rooms, which stand out amongst the all-white interior.

And, if you’ve ordered online before and are a big fan of their postcards, stickers, and trademark pink bubblewrap zip lock bags, and you’d rather get those in the post than trek to the store just to get none of these things in your in-store shopping bag, do not worry! Your purchase comes in the cutest pink and see through bag with the Glossier logo emblazoned on the front, and inside you get the postcard, the stickers, some little samples and your purchases in the pink bubblewrap bags. So Instagrammable.

I picked up the Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint and the Glossier Birthday Balm Dot Com (so yummy) but I’ll photograph talk about these another time when I’ve tried them out properly, just wanted to focus on the pop up for this post to get it up before it closes!

And, if you can’t get down to the pop up store, order online instead and get 10% off here!



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