How I Got Pink Hair – Bleach London Rosé Review & Tutorial

So I (once again) have pink hair! It’s only temporary, of course, and I achieved it using the popular Bleach London ‘Super Cool Colour’ in Rosé. I actually used this at the end of last month to go pink the first time but it faded very quickly so I’d planned to try it again for results day. I’ve decided to turn it into a blog post and review the product as well as give you a step by step tutorial in how to use it to achieve this look!

First of all, I’m going to give you the step by step tutorial in using the Bleach London colour. It’s all very quick and simple so this will be a short and sweet step by step tutorial!

1. Wash your hair with shampoo and towel dry it.
 It still needs to be quite wet when you apply the product, though, so don’t thoroughly towel dry it. Just make sure it’s not dripping wet.

2. Use rubber gloves to apply the colour all over your hair.

I actually have to confess that my mum did this all for me (but she’s a hairdresser so it’s acceptable because she’d do a proper job) and the way she prefers to do it is straight out of the bottle instead of first putting it in a colour mixing bowl and using a brush.

3. Put a plastic cap on over your hair

The product actually dries out quite fast on your hair so using a plastic cap will keep the moisture in. Last time we did this we used cling film so that’s an alternative if you don’t have a plastic cap. The bottle instructs you to leave the colour on your hair for 15 minutes but I think that’s just because the colour dries out on your hair after that but I kept it on for just under an hour with the plastic cap on.

4. Rinse your hair

In this step, you shouldn’t use shampoo when rinsing your hair. I used conditioner so it would be easier to comb through my hair afterwards, the conditioner I used was the Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Colour Freeze Conditioner to seal the colour in. As you can tell by the picture, once the colour is rinsed it becomes a lot less intense than it was when it was applied.

5. Blowdry your hair

The colour looked a lot nicer and brighter than in this photo but this is the final step and now your hair should be pink!

To review the colour, I think that it’s great for the price since it’s only £5 from Boots or direct from Bleach London. It’s easy to use and apply, and it’s great if you want to have a bit of fun with your hair. However, both times that I’ve used it I’ve had big problems with it fading very quickly. The packaging says that the colour is recommended for use on ‘bleached or light blonde hair’ and my hair is both bleached and light blonde although the colour fades too quickly. The packaging says that it fades after 2-10 washes but the product doesn’t even last until one wash for me. I usually wash my hair every five to seven days (I always feel like I have to justify myself for not washing it every other day, it’s because my hair is so over processed and doesn’t get greasy) and last time I used the colour, the pink faded after four days and I was already completely blonde again. I’m not sure what it is and I’m not sure if it’s because I’m doing something wrong but it’s faded even faster this time around. 

I coloured my hair on Wednesday afternoon and by Thursday afternoon it had faded a huge amount. On Thursday morning the pink colour was still as intense as the day before so it had only faded in the few hours between the morning and the afternoon. Below is a photo of the colour once it had faded yesterday afternoon, it’s still a gorgeous colour but it faded very quickly and today it’s faded even more. Everything about the Bleach London Colour Cream is amazing apart from its lasting power and in my opinion, its lasting power is probably the most important factor about this product.

I hope my step by step tutorial and review have helped you!



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