I met James Bay?

So a bit of a different post today. On Friday I had a lovely day in London, I went to meet James Bay and finished up the last of my back-to-school shopping on Oxford Street. I took some photos along the way so I thought that I’d share them with you all and have a little chat about my day! Most of these photos don’t fit with the whole blog aesthetic and this post is going to be quite ramble-y so let’s call this a ‘day in the life’ style post and get on with it!

I initially planned to go to London on Friday purely to meet James Bay because he was in the live lounge at Radio 1. I still needed to do my clothes shopping in London so I was going to use that opportunity to do so but I ended up also going to London a few days before and doing it all on Oxford Street that day too, though I needed to pick up a couple more things on Friday.

Before going to meet James, I went to my favourite place on Earth, the massive Victoria’s Secret on Bond Street. I’d already been a few days prior but that was to buy loungewear, this time I wanted to buy some sort of pretty lingerie. Victoria’s Secret always has a 3 for £27 offer on panties and I had a bit too much money for my own good available to spend so I went for it. Because when I have pretty underwear on underneath my clothes, I feel pretty damn good. So why not? 

I also had to pop into the Topshop on Oxford Street to buy a top from Illustrated People that was pretty much made for me to wear. I’d seen it a few days before but they didn’t have my size so I returned on Friday to buy it and also found a huge pompom keyring, something I’d been meaning to get for my college bag.

I went to Starbucks before heading to Radio 1 to wait for James. There was quite a few people there, I’d say around twenty, but if you know me then you know I like to go and meet a certain band who, surprisingly, attract a way bigger crowd at Radio 1 so twenty people felt like nothing to me. This was also the first time I’d ever gone to meet someone completely on my own, even without my mum watching over me and keeping me company (lol), and it actually turned out to be really nice on my own. I was with one of my friends for the most part of the rest of the day too so it wasn’t all bad. It was James’ birthday so when he came out, everyone sang happy birthday to him. He went along the row of people waiting at the barriers to meet him and made sure that everyone had some time but it was all a bit rushed because he had to get to his parents place to celebrate his birthday or something along those lines. I had to take my selfie with my left hand which isn’t my usual selfie hand so I was struggling to take it, #firstworldproblems, so James had to do it for me. He was so genuinely nice and he just had a cool, chilled vibe about him. I love when you meet someone who is in the public eye who you have a good opinion of and they just prove exactly why you have such a high opinion of them. I had a nice catch up with one of the security guys at Radio 1 afterwards too, he’d been there everytime I’d gone to Radio 1 last year so he gave me some advice about work experience which was good.

Afterwards I tried some clothes on in Forever 21, which I didn’t buy, and went to Selfridges before heading back to the station. I vowed not to spend any of my money after going to Starbucks earlier in the day and restrained myself from getting Lola’s cupcakes at Topshop but when I was at the station, they’d suddenly got a Lola’s since the last time I’d been there so I blew a bit too much money on three cupcakes. They tasted amazing though, it was worth it. Oh, and when I was on the train it was one of those that will divide at a certain stop so you need to be in the right carriage for your destination but I only realised as they were about to divide the train that I’d been in the wrong carriage the whole time and had to pick up my four big bags, sprint down the platform and get onto the right carriage, which was great for my first time getting a train alone. 

So that was my little ramble about my day in London on Friday meeting James Bay!




  1. Charlotte Burt
    September 25, 2015 / 4:42 pm

    We are literally the same! Radio 1 – Yes. Starbucks – Yes. Victoria's Secret – YES! Very jel you met James Bay too he's awesome!

    • Yasmin-Stefanie
      September 25, 2015 / 6:10 pm

      awh haha so much love for those three things! he's amaaaze, seeing him live soon which I'm super excited for!

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