Instagram Roundup

Since it’s now September, I wanted to do an Instagram roundup to show you all of my posts throughout the last month, with a couple from this month too. I ended up changing my Instagram ‘theme’ in August unintentionally because I started instagramming photos from my blog posts and the photos are predominantly white. I’m not too sure with how I feel about it yet but I’m going to roll with it for now. I do prefer my old very bright and high contrast theme because it meant I could post a photo of any colour and because I prefer how it looked. The white theme is so sleek and pretty though, so I’m undecided on whether to keep it going from now on or to go back to my old theme, #firstworldproblems.

TOP LEFT: I baked cupcakes yesterday from one of those box mixtures and they’re the best I’ve ever made, they tasted so delicious! I used a vanilla cupcake mix from Tesco and was surprised at how good it was as I’d never used it before. It was just as good as Betty Crockers! I still have four left so I’m going to go and eat one after this blog post. *smirk face emoji*

TOP MIDDLE: I spontaneously met my dad in town when he was on his lunch break yesterday so we went to Starbucks and had lunch. As obsessed as I am with Starbucks, I usually don’t like their food but I tried the Bella Mozzarella panini yesterday and it tasted amazing. I also got Popchips and a skinny iced vanilla latte (I feel so pretentious typing out such a long drink name).

TOP RIGHT: I went shopping on Oxford Street on Sunday and decided to get myself a salted caramel cupcake at the Lola’s Cupcakes inside Topshop. It was so good! I don’t know how to feel about the fact that the entire top row of my Instagram consists of  photos of food. 

2ND ROW LEFT: This photo is from my last blog post, my August beauty favourites. There’s not much to say about it because it’s already on my blog but I keep a white background for my blog post / Instagram photos by laying all of my products down on my fluffy white rug. 

2ND ROW MIDDLE: This is a photo from my blog post on the AW15 fashion trend, the pussybow blouse

2ND ROW RIGHT: Oh look, another blog post photo! This one’s from my MAC lipstick collection post. I use the July 2015 issue of Elle magazine as a backdrop in a lot of my flat lay photos.

3RD ROW LEFT: One of those typical Instagram breakfast posts where you try to show off how amazingly healthy you are. I mean, I could upload a photo of my breakfast on days where I’m eating potato waffles with scrambled egg but it just wouldn’t look as pretty, would it? I’ve really been enjoying the fancy little pots of yoghurt from Tesco lately and I find it a lot easier to eat when there’s fruit in it. 

3RD ROW MIDDLE: A selfie, a double selfie. I still had a noticeable pink colour in my hair at this point. This selfie also showcases the much more natural makeup look I’ve been favouring recently.

3RD ROW RIGHT: Did you really think we escaped the photos that came from my blog posts? This one is my beautiful new Pandora ring that I was given by my parents on results day as a little congratulatory present.

BOTTOM LEFT: A photo of my bottle of Rosé ‘Super Cool Colour’ from Bleach London which I used to temporarily make my hair pink. I posted a step by step tutorial and review on this.

BOTTOM MIDDLE: The makeup products (and brush) that I use to give myself a glowy skin complexion. I also wrote a blog post on how I use these products to do so. This was the photo that kicked off my new, white theme. Cute.

BOTTOM RIGHT: A photo of my cat, Pumpkin, which I posted on International Cat Day on August 8th. He’s on a lead because he’s an indoor cat who’s only allowed in the garden when he’s on a lead. He wears a red dogs harness because he’s too fat for a cat one. Before you question why we’d put him on a lead it’s because we actually got Pumpkin a few months after we moved in Australia and he was always an indoor cat there, only going on our balconies on a lead, because we didn’t have a garden at any point during us living there. We also payed around the £3000 mark to move him over to the UK with us when we moved back so we’d rather keep him safely indoors for that amount of money. He’s cool with it though, he’s a chilled cat. Yesterday he escaped out of the back door but he just sat outside the door meowing and then ran over to a tree when we realised he was outside and came to get him so he didn’t run off somewhere which was helpful.

So that was a little explanation of every photo I posted on my Instagram over the past month! You can follow me on Instagram here, and there’s also a snazzy widget on my blog that shows my latest Instagram photos so you can find my Instagram through that.

Before I end this post, I just need to mention that there will be no blog post on Friday because I’m off doing something exciting that I’ll definitely blog about next week! My next blog post will be on Monday and my blog post schedule of Monday, Wednesday, Friday will resume normally as of next week.



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