Kylie Lip Kit Dupes for £6.50?! // NYX Lip Lingerie Review

kylie jenner lip kit true brown k candy k dupe dupes nyx lip lingerie

The Kylie Lip Kits, and liquid lipsticks in general, have been the talk of the beauty community for the last few months. Unfortunately, the Kylie Lip Kits can be super hard to get and super expensive, depending on how you look at it. They’re good value for a liner and a liquid lipstick but paying shipping and customs on top for international orders can be a pain and it would be easier and cheaper to find an alternative that is easier to purchase and easier on your bank account. That’s where the NYX Lip Lingeries come in. They’ve already gained a fair amount of popularity but they definitely deserve more, and I’ve discovered two shades that are total dupes for Kylie’s Candy K and True Brown K shades.

T H E  C A N D Y  K  D U P E  //  B E D T I M E   F L I R T

kylie jenner lip kit true brown k candy k dupe dupes nyx lip lingerie

[pictured worn over NYX slide on lip liner in ‘nude suede shoes’]

Bedtime Flirt is my dream come true lip colour. It’s that beautiful, natural nude pink that looks gorgeous and effortless. I love a subtle lip, a nude or nude pink, and that’s exactly what this is. Judging by many, many, many swatch videos and photos of Kylie’s Candy K (the shade of hers I want the most) this is almost an exact match for the liquid lipstick in the kit. I’ve barely worn any other colour on my lips since I got this one because I’m so obsessed, and it’s an all-round, versatile colour that would work perfectly on every skin tone. 

T H E  T R U E  B R O W N  K  D U P E  //  B E A U T Y  M A R K

kylie jenner lip kit true brown k candy k dupe dupes nyx lip lingerie

[pictured worn alone on the lips]

Just like Kylie’s True Brown shade, Beauty Mark gives you a perfect matte brown and the dark lip effect without any red or purple tones. This colour gives you those 90s vibes that everyone is loving lately, including myself. If you want to go for a dark lip even in the Summer months (although it’s definitely debatable whether or not it’s actually Summer outside at the moment) a dark brown is a better option than a dark berry hue because it’s less vampy. If you’re really into Kylie’s thing of matte brown lips than save yourself the money and get this colour to achieve the exact same look! It 100% looks better over a lipliner, I recommend a dark nude or mid chocolate brown colour.

T H E  R E V I E W

I’m definitely buying myself more NYX Lip Lingerie shades because I’m obsessed. The quality is amazing for a drugstore lipstick, especially one that’s only £6.50! They dry quickly, don’t feel sticky at all, look great with or without lipliner and, whilst being matte, aren’t drying whatsoever. The formula doesn’t create or set into lines or cracks on the lips like some matte lip products do. The staying power is great for a drugstore too, it usually survives a whole day at college or work, and I do drink and eat at times during the day! I do like to re-apply whenever I have a break if it’s a long day just to enhance the wash of colour and the matte look further, but if you don’t have a chance to re-apply it won’t wear off quickly or go everywhere and end up looking ridiculous. I have to say that the staying power is what’s most impressive about these and makes them such great value for money. I get better lasting wear out of these than some of my MAC lipstick shades which is seriously impressive. Whether or not you want a Kylie Lip Kit dupe or you’re just in the market for some new makeup, the NYX Lip Lingeries make a good drugstore investment.

Do you know any other amazing dupes for the Kylie Lip Kits? Or have you tried any more NYX Lip Lingerie shades? Let me know!



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