Let’s Talk Nails // Annika Nail Polish Review

[shade :Cafe Au Lait]

My nails are one of the beauty things I seem to have down. After spending half my childhood with an awful nail biting habit, I ended up growing them a few years ago and ever since I’ve been asked the are those your real nails? question way too many times to count, and everyone is always super impressed that they’re real which is something I’m pretty proud of. Since my nails are one of the things about me that gets attention (is that weird?) I’m surprised I’ve never spoken about anything nail related on the blog before but if I’m going to start now then I’m starting off with something perfect.

Since I never go and get my nails done because I just don’t need to, I have quite a big stash of different nail polishes, and there’s never a time my nails aren’t painted. This is why I was extremely excited to be sent four nail polishes from the new Annika range* from The Edge Nail & Beauty to review, and they’ve exceeded all expectations I had for them.

A bit of background info before I get into telling you all about the polishes themselves. The Edge manufacture and supply professional nail products, so you know that anything they come out with is going to be good quality. The Annika range is the perfect way to have something salon quality for your nails, without having to learn to use fancy salon equipment, which I love because I’ve never had my nails done so at least I can feel like I have now!

[shade: Pink Sherbet]

The polishes themselves have some of the best staying power I’ve ever witnessed for a nail polish. It was the thing I was most impressed about because they seriously last for ages without chipping. I usually wear the same nail colour for a week before changing it, and halfway through that week it will have already started to chip. The Cafe Au Lait colour lasted for a week and a half before there was any signs of chipping, and even when it started to chip it wasn’t major at all. I kept it on for two weeks before changing it because it lasted that well. If you’re a bit lazy when it comes to nail care then I definitely recommend these because you won’t need to worry about chipping or repainting for ages.

[shade: Bella Ballerina]

I also love that the polishes are almost gel-like. They look so shiny on the nail, which you can see in the photos, and it makes it look like you’ve gone and had gel done. The shine makes your nails look healthier too, so you could use one of the lighter shades like Bella Ballerina or Natural Beauty to give your nails a glossy look without adding too much colour. They also dry so much faster than most other nail polishes I use which is great for me because I get too impatient waiting for my nails to dry and pick up my phone way too early but the Annika polishes dry much faster so I don’t have to worry about smudging my nails when they’ve just been painted.

[shade: Natural Beauty]

The shade range they have is amazing, there’s thirty altogether and there is definitely something for everyone. Whether you love nudes and light pinks like myself (can you tell by the shades I have?), you’re into bright colours or you like to keep it dark and vampy, you’ll be able to find multiple shades of Annika polishes you like. My favourite of the shades I received has got to be Cafe Au Lait, when I saw it in a photo before getting the polishes it was my favourite there so I’m very glad it’s one of the colours I got, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever had and I’m obsessed. Pink Sherbet is like a less in-your-face Barbie pink which is perfect for me because I hate having overly bright colours on my nails but this is easier to wear while still being a proper pink colour. Bella Ballerina and Natural Beauty are beautiful for when you don’t want an opaque colour on your nails, I think they’d be perfect manicure shades for if you wanted to get fancy and have a sheer colour then add French tips. They’re much more subtle but still give the shine that the darker and brighter colours do.

[shade: Cafe Au Lait]

So, the lowdown on prices. Each nail polish is £4.20 (£3.50 + VAT) and delivery is £3.95 for orders under £25 excluding VAT or free for orders over £25 excluding VAT. You can also get 20% off your first order with the code ” WELCOMEOFFER “. 

They’re amazing value for money just because of the quality of the polishes and the look they have! You can get the Annika range here or browse The Edge Nail & Beauty’s other products here.

DISCLAIMER: The four Annika nail polishes were sent to me for review but all opinions are my own.


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