let’s talk skincare! reviewing some new additions from tropic and the ordinary

tropic the ordinary skincare

Well wow has it been a while since my last beauty related post. Like umm, since March 2018. Just a bit of a while x

To be completely honest, I don’t expand out into buying new beauty products that much – especially skincare. I used to spend so much money on fancy makeup and a lil bit of skincare when I had my old department store retail job because makeup was my personal fave thing of choice to get spenny with and most brands I wanted to buy were in our store anyway so that staff discount helped. Miss you 20% off, only get that at duty free now x

Anyway, the point is that it’s been so long since I last mentioned any skincare that I’ve actually tried out some new stuff since then, so I finally have something to talk to you about that’s been worth trying.

tropic the ordinary skincare

tropic skincare discovery kit*

One of my friends Katie is a Tropic ambassador and sells their products, and was lovely enough to let me try out some of their bestsellers in their cute lil skincare discovery kit. This came at the perfect time for me because 1. it arrived when I was going to Switzerland so I could just take these minis away for the weekend instead of faffing with big, full bottles of a v long skincare routine and 2. I’ve had different bits of my usual skincare running out since this arrived so I haven’t even had to replace them yet because I still have a bit of these all left.

The kit comes with a cleanser, toner, moisturiser, a cute little serum/oil bottle – I got the super greens one with mine – and there’s a bamboo face cloth in there to use with the cleanser, which if you’ve been following me since I was like 14 you’ll know I love a good hot cloth cleanser. My two faves are the super greens oil and the vitamin toner because I’m one of those people who loves those little bottles of potions of oils and acids and serums that you use after cleansing but before moisturising. The more the better, even if they become unnecessary x. As much as I love these extra post-cleansing steps, I don’t think I actually had an actual toner until I got this kit, and this one is even better because it comes in a spray form so it’s so much quicker and easier to apply, a lazy gal dream, and probably more hygienic? The Super Greens feels incredible on my skin, it leaves it feeling a bit more plump and glowy after but a lil pre warning, you will need to adjust to the smell when you start using it. It has so many natural ingredients that you’re gonna smell those ingredients basically. I use these two faves every morning and feel like my face looks super bright and glowy for the day afterwards.

The cleanser is a dream just because it’s a hot cloth one, as mentioned. It absolutely came to my rescue when my usual hot cloth cleanser ran out a few weeks ago and I didn’t need to repurchase that one until I’d used up this mini one because it was such a good replacement, and the skin feast moisturiser passed the test purely because it worked on my dry, half cracked lizard skin. Anything that gets rid of those dry face patches and hydrates them is a winner for me. So cute I know x

I’d definitely recommend this little skincare kit as a good way to try out some new products, or something to buy before you go on holiday so you’ve got everything you need for a full skincare routine all in mini, travel-friendly sizes – and they come in a cute little pouch too! Give Katie’s Tropic skincare instagram account a follow if you wanna know more and place an order!

tropic the ordinary skincare

the ordinary hydration oils

I’ve used a couple of The Ordinary oils for over a year now (one of them has I think just been discontinued though ?) and it’s one of those brands I really trust when it comes to skincare. Always super simple and doing exactly what they say on the tin. No fuss with super fancy packaging and names, just super reliable, high quality products that tell you straight what they contain and what they’re gonna do for you. As someone with skin as dry as a lizard as mentioned above, I sometimes get dry patches on my face, sometimes even full blown eczema all over my face. Whilst in London earlier this summer for Queen’s Tennis I decided to pop into the Deciem store in Covent Garden before it closed to actually show someone my skin and ask what they recommended for it, and I took away these two products which have done wonders for bringing hydration back to my skin and banishing those grim dry patches.

The first thing recommended to me was the Amino Acids + B5 which I now use twice a day, morning and night, after cleansing. I think this one is my favourite of the two because it’s lighter and not as rich. I’d deffo recommend trying this one out first for that reason and then resort to the next option if you’re still feeling dry, but this one feels the nicest on this skin and I’ve had no issue with it feeling like it was burning or stinging so I wouldn’t say it’s too strong. As soon as you’ve rubbed it in, it doesn’t feel rich or greasy or anything at all, you just feel nice and hydrated with no residue.

The 100% Plant-Derived Squalane was sold to me on a bit of a weird one, because I could use it inside my head. Without getting a bit too grim on here, one of the places I get my eczema worst is on my head. Like, literally in my scalp beneath my hair. And they told me I could use it there to hydrate the area which is what I’d been needing forever. You can also use it on your actual hair apparently, for more normal people without my disgusting issue. I feel like this one has done wonders for my skin in the four months I’ve been using it though, it’s really rich but I think that’s what I needed to hydrate my skin long term – the info on their website says it can prevent ongoing loss of hydration and I think that’s absolutely what it’s done for me. My skin has changed so much since using this every night for four months and I’m never going back. It’s done so much for me to the point where I skip it every so often in the eve where I feel like I don’t need that much hydration anymore. Dry skin gals, get on it x

Hope you enjoyed my first beauty post in over a year and you can find yourself some good bits to try out. Christmas is in two months (and my bday x) so get these on your wishlist for Santa x



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