Losing My Blogging Mojo & Getting it Back Again

You may notice that this time last year I’d post three times a week, have about ten posts a month and would just be more bothered to work on my blog, both actually on this blog and on my social media trying to self promo the hell outta good ol’ Yasmin Stefanie. What happened? Why aren’t I still like that? For a while I felt like it was such a typical me thing to have done, gone into it with tons of ideas, all guns blaring, banged out every single blog post idea I’d been conjuring up in my head for months and even possibly years before starting this blog, used up all the ideas and burned out. I’ve decided now though that that’s not what happened, it’s just looked like that happened on the surface when it was an entirely different issue.

I mean, sure, posting three times a week is a bit unrealistic for me now because my college timetable is a million times worse this year than it was last year, and I have way more work to do for it this year that ends up being extremely time consuming. And then I spend one of the two days I have off college at the weekend at work for the whole entire day, and when I get home at night all I wanna do is chuck on a warm jumper over my teddy and sit in the corner of the sofa watching crap TV and having dinner. No, I’m not the first and last person in the world to juggle full time education and a part time job – and then attempt to run a blog on top of that. No I don’t want or expect any pity from anyone, as whiney as that sounded complaining about college all week and work all Saturday. Literally everyone does that, that’s not my point. My point is, I couldn’t be bothered to spend any free time I had around all of that working on my blog because I couldn’t find the motivation.

Why couldn’t I find the motivation? Why did I lose my ~blogging mojo~? I did what I’ve done my whole entire life and compared my blog to others. I’ve always been one of those compare-myself-to-everyone-else kinda people but I thought I’d stopped that now, or I atleast try really hard to stop because it’s pointless, out-of-context and bad for your self confidence. But it’s been really hard to want to blog when I know that I can’t provide Elle magazine worthy imagery or I don’t have a degree in journalism (yet, we’ll come back to that one in five years). If I’m going to do something, I want to do it well or not do it at all, which is what most people want to do when they set out to do something. The issue here, though, is that I’ve been acting like you absolutely must have editorial shoot level photography and content written better than Shakespeare. You so don’t, and I know that, but I haven’t been acting like I know that. If I could do that I so would, and bloggers who do are incredible and work so hard to do so, but bloggers who don’t have that kinda snazzy stuff on their blogs aren’t any less of a blogger.

I’ve been holding back from making posts that I feel are mediocre or irrelevant in comparison to most blogs. But the whole point of blogging is to share what you love and enjoy and to be yourself entirely. I’m gonna have to start doing a lot more of that, and that’s how I’ve got back my blogging mojo. So be prepared for me to make not very typical blog posts. If I want to make a post full of pics of Jamie Dornan then I will *heart eyes emoji*. If I want to make a post about how I woke up at 3AM to watch Wawrinka play Del Potro at the US Open and what a good match it was then I will. 

So no, there won’t be three posts a week like in October 2015. I don’t want to be posting half arsed content just to make sure I have a post up on a specific day, but I’m going to post about whatever I like even if it’s not conventional because that is the whole point of blogging and I needed to remind myself of that. But I’m gonna try to have some kinda schedule going on.

This whole post now looks like I’ve had one big unloading session / rant. I kinda did. But, as well as wanting to let y’all know why I’d barely been posting in recent months, I wanted to stress that it’s ok to have times when you’re barely blogging anymore and that it’s also ok to post about whatever you want and take photos however you like. 

Every single blog is different because every single blog has a different person behind it and that is the whole point of blogging. It’s why I started blogging in the first place and why I’m still carrying on instead of giving up after my dry spell over the last few months. 


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