Lush King of Skin

Today I’m going to do a kind of first impressions / review on a product that I recently bought upon recommendation from one of my friends. Lush’s King of Skin is a body butter in a massage bar form that you rub onto your wet skin in the bath or shower and then rinse off, and it’s use means that you don’t need to moisturise once you’re out of the bath or shower. 

The newly refurbished Lush in Brighton re-opened on Friday so I thought that it would be the perfect time to go and get King of Skin. The new Lush here looks amazing inside, it looks a lot like their Oxford Street store. When I went inside, I was shown both King of Skin and a similar product called Buffy that does the same thing but also scrubs at the same time, and the woman helping me also trialed Buffy on my arm. It left my arm feeling noticeably smooth and soft for the next couple of days, so I expected the same from King of Skin.

I used King of Skin for the first time yesterday (hence the product looking a little used in the photos) and I was pleasantly surprised. It was very quick and easy to both apply and rinse off, and it left my skin feeling even more smooth and soft than Buffy had done. It’s so soft on your skin that it does feel like you have residue or a layer of something on your skin but it’s not sticky or irritating and instead feels nice on your skin. I have extremely dry skin no matter what the time of year is so I was doubtful that King of Skin would work so well for me even though it had done for my friend, because my skin is a lot more dry than the average persons version of dry skin. King of Skin worked wonders for me though, I can feel a huge difference in my skin since using it yesterday, and the soft, smooth feeling is still here today. I keep rubbing my arm and feeling amazed at how much of an improvement that King of Skin has made on my skin. I definitely think this product is something that will last for the whole time between daily showers and not much product comes off of the bar when you use it which means not only does it last long on your skin but the product also lasts as a whole. The only problem that I’ve had with it is that I used way too much (four layers lathered on top of each other, smart move) and, as a result, it was so oily that when I was still fresh from the bath last night, I left oil marks on our leather sofa.

All in all, I completely recommend the King of Skin body butter / massage bar from Lush. It leaves your skin feeling velvety and moisturised without making it sticky, and it lasts for a long time.



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