Lush Valentines Day Haul

Happy Valentines Day! I’m not one for Valentines Day, not because I’ve never had the opportunity to celebrate it with some boyfriend (lol) but I just don’t see the need to have a day dedicated to showing telling someone you love them or whatever when you can just do that erryday. If you have someone you love, obvs.

Anyway, whilst I’m not a big upholder of V Day, I bloody love the whole aesthetic of it. Pink and red and hearts and flowers, cute. So when Valentines products come out every year I’ll buy them up, just not for the reasons you’re supposed to. Last year I did a lil Lush Valentines Day haul video and I got more this year so I thought I’d share, especially because this year I’ve actually used the stuff before so can give a mini review. I wanted this to go up today because I’ve been told that the Valentines stuff goes on sale after today is over so it’ll give you some ideas of what to buy tomorrow when all of this is maybe cheaper. If it’s not it’s still worth the purchase tbh.

Cupid Bath Bomb

This is v v cute and one of the cheaper options from Lush’s Valentines product selection. The arrows make your bath water a pretty pink and the heart takes longer to fizzle out, creating a mix of light pink and creamy white swirls. Its scent is a nice balance between flowers and citrus – to be specific it contains lime oil, bergamot oil, violet leaf and rose petal powder. The bath bomb itself is quite big for how cheap it is and it takes a good while to fizzle out and disappear. Pink bath bombs are always a favey of mine and probably the most V Day appropriate!

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

Who doesn’t love unicorns? I will never understand why this beauty isn’t available all year round because everyone wants a rainbow unicorn horn bubble bar. This leaves the water a lovely lilac colour full of bubbles and is super calming thanks to its lavender scent. It also contains ylang ylang and neroli oil and is just the most relaxing thing. If you wanna run a bath and chill out all evening this is the bubble bar to use.

Lover Lamp Bath Bomb

This is an Instagrammable dream. It turns your bath a bright white with pretty red heart confetti floating on top of the white water. The beauty of it aside, this has the best scent and feels so amazing. The bigger red hearts in the bath boms are bath melts and the cocoa butter in it makes your skin feel so soft and smooth from just sitting in your Lover Lamp filled bath and makes your bath all luxurious and it contains my favourite scent, Vanilla, with Orange. Have a self indulgent Valentines bath with this and just sit there feeling all fancy and moisturised. 

That’s all I got from Lush’s prettiest range, the Valentines one, this year! I’m hoping to expand the list tomorrow and if you are too I recommend all of these.

What’s your favourite from their Valentines Day range?


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