magaluf 2015

Before I start talking about my holiday to Magaluf, I want to introduce my blog. I’m not quite sure how to actually introduce it but I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while and I thought the best time to do it would be in summer, after my holiday so that I had something interesting to post about. 

Depending on how you’ve come across this blog, you may know that I have a Youtube channel (which I unfortunately haven’t posted on in a year due to my Macbook being broken so I can’t access iMovie) which focuses around beauty and fashion. While I plan to write posts about beauty and fashion on this blog too, I’m going to talk about a much wider range of topics because I’d rather my blog posts be on whatever I feel like writing them on. 

Since my dad works in IT, we’re currently working on creating a nice, pretty layout for this blog but it’s taking a while because I want it to be perfect so please bare with the current layout of my blog! I was going to hold off until the layout was made to start posting but I couldn’t wait.

I’m really excited to be starting this blog and I can’t wait to see how it goes!

This year was my parents and I’s fourth year holidaying in Magaluf, and our third year staying at Intertur Hotel Hawaii Mallorca (I use the full name because they have various other hotels and apartments with similar names). When we were booking our holiday for this year, we vowed that we wouldn’t return to the same hotel for the third time in a row but we couldn’t find anywhere we truly liked enough to book, so we decided to return to Magaluf and Hotel Hawaii. Returning to the same hotel payed off in the end because a week before we were due to fly to Mallorca, we discovered online that the entire swimming pool area at our hotel had been completely renovated, and the pool was now much bigger and included a bridge and a section with an infinity pool. It also looks so pretty at night when all the lights in and around the pool are on. As well as the pool being big and amazing and new, something I love about the hotel is its entertainment. There are activities like water polo and archery almost everyday of the week, and the hotel’s entertainer Charley is so much fun. This year I decided to play archery and I ended up being terrible at it, I sent the arrows flying everywhere and the next day everyone who had been there was mocking me and my horrific archery skills.

Our hotel is on Son Matias beach, we never actually go to the beach but there are steps leading to the sea at our hotel where enjoy going for a swim or sitting in a rubber ring going over the waves. Since the time we went on holiday this year was during Wimbledon, which I love, I found a nice spot on the beach in front of all the sports bars and pubs where I could lay on the sand but have a perfect view of their TV’s showing the games, and I went into the Scottish pub a couple of times to watch some of Murray’s matches which was incredible because everyone was really patriotic because it was a Scottish pub, so it had a great atmosphere.

We discovered a grill restaurant where I had ribs that came to the table on a hot stone which they could be cooked on, which was surprisingly delicious. We also went to our favourite restaurant there, Zen, numerous times. They do these amazing king prawns in crispy breadcrumbs, and you can get them inside a burger which is the best of both worlds because their burgers are lush too. There was also a really lovely frozen yoghurt place that we discovered on our walk to mini golf, which was a lot of fun, called llaollao that tastes so good that it can easily rival pinkberry.

As well as all of the typical holiday things, there was a local cat who lived in one of the apartments which was a bobtail breed because it didn’t have a tail, we nicknamed it ‘bobcat’ and fed it numerous times. One night we saw bobcat with another kitten which we presumed to be its own kitten which was adorable. I have a photo but it’s too dark to properly see anything so I haven’t included it.

So that was my holiday to Magaluf this year summed up. We initially didn’t want to be those people who go back to the same hotel and same place year after year but we’re already planning to return next year with my friend Rebecca which will be a lot of fun.



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