My Lazy Day Essentials

You know those days where you can’t really be bothered to go anywhere or do anything? Those lazy days? I admit that I love having a good lazy day, though I often have them on days where I only have one lesson at college then I have the rest of the day before or after to just chill. I thought I’d share my lazy day ‘essentials’ – things I’ve been consuming during my lazy days which make them quite lazy!

Drink: My favourite at-home coffee in my favourite mug! Since we no longer own a coffee machine and haven’t for over a year now, I love the little Nescafé sachets because they’re great quality coffee for something not out of a coffee machine or from a coffee shop. I love skinny latte ones, they’re such a must have for me when I’m chilling at home. My mug is my favourite thing, it’s from Next Home and it has pretty sparkles at the bottom. I have a cool Christmas one too that I’ll be whipping out as soon as December starts!

TV show: At the moment I’m loving season two of The Affair, it’s currently on now in the UK and it’s a really good, interesting show that I definitely recommend. It’s always on at the same time as The Apprentice so I catch up with it on Thursdays when I only have one college lesson and have a lazy day for the rest of the day, so it’s my lazy day favourite right now!

Reading material: Any of my three fave magazines (Elle, Cosmo, Glamour) will do but the current issue of Cosmo features Ellie Goulding so how could it not be an essential?

Outfit: I live in my Victoria’s Secret jumper at home, I think it’s from their recent loungewear collection so that’s perfect for a lazy day! I wear this out or at home, it’s one of my favourite things that I own. I love the obnoxious, big, sparkly letters that spell out Victoria’s Secret and I love the tiny stripes on it. More importantly though, it’s so comfy. Perfect for a having lazy day while also looking ~fabulous~

Music: So all I’ve been listening to lately is Ellie’s new album Delirium (which I reviewed here) but two albums that are amazing for having a chilled, lazy day are Wanted on Voyage by my dream guy (lol) George Ezra, or Chaos and the Calm by James Bay (whose concert I reviewed here).

Makeup: I actually end up in a full or semi-full face of makeup on my lazy days because, as I said, I usually have a college lesson on those days, but Mac’s Strobe Cream is amazing for lazy days where you wear little or no makeup because it gives you a healthy glow and makes you look more awake but it’s a cream so it’s not gonna cake your face up.

Body: So I am the biggest advocate of ‘it’s not December yet therefore it is too early for Christmas’ but I love Philosophy and Beautycology bath and body products, and this Christmas Cookie one smells amaaaazing! Perfect for when you have a nice shower or bath on your lazy day, it feels so nice on your skin and smells even better. The great thing about this is that the recipe on the front says to add vanilla so I suspect that the inside product smells only of vanilla too because there’s no Christmas festive spice smell in it, which is why I’m ok with using it this early on. 

What are your lazy day essentials?





  1. The Sunday Mode
    April 6, 2018 / 11:06 am

    Netflix is always my main lazy day essential, either that or just TV/movies in general. I've never heard of The Affair before though!Julia // The Sunday Mode

    • Yasmin Stefanie
      April 7, 2018 / 2:27 pm

      it's v good, season one is definitely where it peaked but you'll want to keep watching after anyway!

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