My MAC Lipstick Collection

[swatches L to R – honeylove, hue, brave, rebel]

MAC lipsticks are probably the most iconic, coveted lipsticks out there. They have earned their reputation through their amazing quality, pigmentation, sleek packaging and wide range of shades to suit all styles and skin tones. While having a grand total of four (technically I have five or six but it’s just multiple old lipsticks in the same shade) MAC lipsticks may not seem like a huge, great collection, it’s still a collection nonetheless so I’ve decided to blog the four shades that I have and give you all my take on the much-loved MAC lipsticks.


I’m going to start with the lightest shade and work my way to the darkest shade. The lightest shade of lipstick that I own from MAC is Honeylove, a nude matte lipstick. 

First of all, can we just acknowledge how not on point my makeup and lipstick application is today because I ran out of my daily contact lenses and had to apply everything with my face right up against the mirror because I’m so horrifically short-sighted? Glad we’ve cleared that one up.

Anyway, Honeylove is a fairly popular nude shade from MAC that is one of their matte lipsticks. I heard about this shade via Instagram in Spring and put it on my list of MAC lipsticks that I want to own (yes, I have a list for that. Don’t you?) I had intended to buy it at some point later on in the year when I had money since I had some other items of makeup I wanted to buy with the money I’d had at the time but when I got my makeup done in MAC for prom at the end of June, the makeup artist used Honeylove on me to give me that perfect nude lip (I’ll include a photo of my prom makeup below – it’s probably a better example of how the lipstick looks on me) and it looked even better than it had done on Instagram. Since I could take away some makeup with me, I chose to get the Honeylove lipstick because it was such a perfect nude colour for me. I have tanned, olive skin and I’ve struggled my entire life with finding a nude lipstick that is actually nude against my skin tone as normal nude colours end up looking white on my lips, and Honeylove is the only nude lipstick that has ever worked on my skin tone (although it’s looking a lot paler on me at the moment while I’m still tanned from my holiday – post plug). Win. I’ve also never been a huge fan of matte lipsticks because my lips get dry so easily and I’ve always thought that a matte lipstick would make them even dryer and emphasise how dry they are but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that, although being matte, this lipstick actually felt a little bit moisturising on my lips and didn’t dry them out. It’s a beautiful nude colour and would suit lighter skintones too. I’m surprised that Honeylove isn’t as hyped up as Velvet Teddy.

[my prom makeup using Honeylove]


Next up we have Hue. It’s described by MAC as a ‘soft, pale pink’ although many people see it as a typical nude colour. I have two or three of these and they’ve all pretty much run out, hence how disgusting and non-existent the lipstick now looks in the packaging. I first bought this at the very start of 2013 and I’ve been buying it every year since, although I’ve recently traded it in as my everyday shade for Brave. I prefer to use Hue in winter as a pretty, natural, light pink colour because it works better with my skin tone when I’m a lot paler. Hue is a very popular shade although I didn’t realise so until this year as I initially bought it because I was looking for a light pink and it was the shade that suited me best when I tried a few in the store and I never knew that it was so popular. I can see why, though, as it’s such a pretty and versatile colour. It’s also a glaze lipstick which is something I love about it and is one of the reasons that I bought it. I love the look and feel of the glaze finish on my lips as I find it super moisturising compared to a normal lipstick and it looks almost like you’ve used a lipgloss when you haven’t.


So I’m cheating and using a photo of me from my glowy skin complexion post (another little plug) but I couldn’t get a nice photo of the lipstick shade today, probably because of my short-sighted issues.

Brave is a dark nude pink colour and it’s a Satin finish lipstick. It’s safe to say that I am obsessed with this lipstick! It’s a great way of using colour if you don’t want it to be too bright, something that bodes really well with me. The pink isn’t too bright and in-your-face but because it’s darker than a shade like Hue, the colour is a lot more pigmented. The pink has beige undertones to it which makes it more subtle and suitable for everyday use. I think Brave is an underestimated lipstick shade from MAC because it’s so flattering and would suit any skin tone. To me, it’s almost like a more pink version of the typical ‘Kylie Jenner nude’ kind of colour that’s so popular at the moment, although it would look more like that on a lighter skin tone than mine. This is the shade I wear pretty much every single day and it’s a staple in my makeup bag.


Finally, we have MAC Rebel. The perfect deep, dark plum shade for Autumn/Winter. I believe it’s a satin finish which is lovely because it makes the colour look even more rich. It’s a very popular colour and whenever I put it on, I see exactly why it’s so popular. It’s a very distinct and unique shade that is perfect for people who are a little hesitant to experiment with darker shades, like myself. When applied, it looks lighter than in the packaging and it finishes off any makeup look perfectly. I hardly ever wear this for the sole reason that I’m too scared to wear dark or bright lipstick but when I do, I always use MAC’s Cremestick Liner in Pink Treat underneath (although I didn’t here because I wanted to show Rebel true to its own colour) which I prefer to just wearing Rebel on its own. Now that I’ve tried it on for the purpose of this blog post, I’m definitely excited to wear it once we reach Autumn. Personally, I’ve always thought that this shade suits people with darker hair colours a lot better, although I’m the only blonde I’ve properly seen wear this lipstick shade so I could be completely wrong but I’m planning to go brunette this Autumn and I feel like this colour will suit me a lot more when I’m brunette. I think that Rebel is very versatile for a darker, more vampy colour because it suits a very minimal makeup look as a statement lip and it also suits a smokey eye and lots of makeup for a sultry look, as well as suiting all skin tones. It’s a staple colour for the Autumn/Winter months that we’re approaching and it’s one of those colours that you need to try to see how gorgeous it is!

So that’s my little MAC lipstick collection! I’m hoping to expand it to more lipstick shades! What MAC lipsticks do you own and love?



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