My Top 15 Blog Posts of 2015

As it’s still the first week of the New Year, meaning I can still get away with some reflection on 2015, I thought I’d do a post on my 15 top posts of 2015. When I say ‘top’, I don’t mean the posts that got the most page views or the best response (though I think those posts happen to be in here anyway) but the posts that are my personal favourites from the year of 2015, in no particular order. As I only created my blog in July 2015, some posts probably didn’t get a lot of attention because I was just starting out, so hopefully this also gives you some reading material that you may not have seen before! 

‘Fuckboys’ & How to Avoid Them
Probably my favourite blog post I’ve ever done, and my most popular one ever too. This post is a bit of a laugh but I wrote it because I hated the way one of my friends had been treated by a guy and I wanted to prevent that happening to anyone else because it broke my heart to watch that. It offers genuine advice that can be helpful and, as stupid and #firstworldproblems it sounds, ‘fuckboys’ can be a real issue sometimes so my little guide will help you deal with that issue or prevent it ever arising!

Spotlight On: Delirium – Ellie Goulding

Spotlight On is a monthly feature I started in November (and didn’t do it December, lol oops – but I will do again this month) where I talk about a different album or artist that I’m loving every month, and I deliberately started this in November because it was the month that Ellie Goulding’s new album came out, and we all know how much I love her. I wrote a full review of the album and I also typed my first impressions of each and every song whilst I was listening to them for the first time ever, so you also get my initial reaction to every song on the album too.

5 Ways to Style Topshop Joni Jeans
Topshop’s Joni jeans are so popular, and rightfully so. As they’re everyone’s go to jean style to buy, I styled a black pair and a darker blue pair and created five different outfits you can wear with your Joni jeans! Whilst the outfits are slightly more warm weather appropriate, layer up a little more or add a scarf and coat and these outfits will work perfectly for Winter!

How To: Get a Glowy Skin Complexion

I really liked this blog post and it’s a routine I still follow when doing my makeup. If you’re a fan of the whole strobing thing and having radiant, highlighted, glowy skin then you’ll love this blog post. As it’s Winter right now it’ll also give your skin a little boost instead of looking dry or dull!

How To: Keep Your Hair Healthy (even when it’s bleached, coloured or damaged)

I must’ve loved writing how to posts in 2015! This post is seriously so important, everything in it is helpful and none of it is some bullshit advice that I made up. My mum is a hairdresser and taught me everything I know about keeping my hair healthy, and my hair has been bleached and coloured so many times in my life, especially in the last year as I’ve gone from blonde to brown to bronde and now I’m going back to blonde, so if I can keep my hair healthy with two and a half years worth of bleach, two brown colours, and bleached highlights on it then you can too!

NYFW SS16 Makeup Roundup
September was, of course, fashion month and so I decided to join in on the fun by writing a blog post on how simple, natural makeup looks dominated the runways at New York Fashion Week for SS16, as well as recreating the look myself. This post did quite well and is still one of my most viewed of last year, so give it a read if you’ve not already (or even if ya have!)

James Bay at Brighton Dome • Concert Review

James, my love! I had to review his gig at the Brighton Dome from back in October, he put on an amazing show and his voice live is insane! I was front row for the gig and it was just unreal so I couldn’t not share my experience of it on here, I had to review it. You may remember that I also met him a month before the gig which was so lovely, it happened to be on his birthday. Last year was a phenomenal one for James as a musician and he deserves all of the success he’s had.

Quick & Easy No Heat Curls!

I loved having my hair like this and I’ve got to do it again soon. The post is exactly what the title describes, it’s a way to get lovely curly hair using no heat and it’s super quick and easy.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2015 Inspired Makeup

This was more of a YouTube video than a blog post per se but I was so so so extremely happy with how this look turned out. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is probably my favourite fashion event of the year and there’s nothing I love more than watching it over and over again. I love the brand, I love the show as a whole, I love the models, I love the performances and I love the beauty looks which was why I needed to recreate it for myself whilst wearing my own Victoria’s Secret pink robe, just like one of the angels (I wish).

8 Things I Learned While Living in Australia

This was the second ever post on my blog, and I still think it’s a pretty good one if I do say so myself! Eight valuable life lessons that I learned whilst living in Sydney, Australia for three years that everyone should know and learn. I’ve also got some more Sydney related posts coming up soon so give this one a read before my new ones are here.

MAC Ellie Goulding – Review and Swatches

This is a very recent one, but I’m in love. I’m in love because, since MAC and Ellie announced their collaboration back in June, I’ve been ecstatic about the release of this collection and I was lucky enough to get all of it as a Christmas and birthday present this year since it came out right in time for both of those occasions. Whilst my swatches aren’t amazing (they really aren’t) the collection is so beautiful and it exceeded all my hopes and expectations so I had to blog it. Plus it’s by Ellie, need I say more?

How To: Write a Strong Covering Letter That Will Stand Out

I was really quite proud of this post, I think I gave some pretty good advice here and if you’re trying to write a good covering letter (or even a CV or personal statement as some of the advice given will apply to those too) then you should definitely give it a read because it’ll hopefully really help you out.

5 Reasons You Should Buy That Concert Ticket

I think by now we’ve figured that I’m a bit of a music lover. I enjoy going to as many concerts as I possibly can so what better to write about than why you should buy that concert ticket? I’m at my happiest when I’m at the gig of a band or artist I love, so this post is quite near and dear to me and it’s something I’m so extremely passionate about. There’s also some photos I’ve taken at the gigs I went to last year so you get an insight into my music taste and what I was up to last year!

My Blogging Story: Why I Started My Blog

2015 was the year I started this blog so having my blogging story and the reasons I started Yasmin Stefanie is definitely appropriate for this list, plus you get a link to a blog I had when I was ten years old including ‘outfit’ photos and posts, which is always fun for you and embarrassing for me. 

How I Got Pink Hair – Bleach London Rosé Review & Tutorial

I dyed my hair pink twice over summer using the ever popular super cool colour in rose from Bleach London. This blog post has a step by step tutorial with photos for every stage, and a little review on the product itself. Really helpful if you’re after changing up your hair this year or want to try this product out.

So those are my top 15 posts of 2015! Please do give them a read, it’d be very appreciated. What’s been your favourite post of mine?




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