on the food + drink hype in london // trying all the raved about good sh*t: grind, byron burgers & naked dough

You know when you see all the good food (and drink) on TimeOut and you literally salivate wishing to eat there one day, or see a super photogenic coffee shop all over Insta and vow to visit #forthegram? During my weekend away in London with my mum when we went to Wimbledon, I got to live my dreams and fulfil my cravings at some of the most hyped up eateries the city has to offer.


Tbh are you even reading a blog without having even a remote idea of what Grind is? Shoreditch Grind, as well as their other locations, is a blogger favourite so of course I wanted to visit after seeing countless dreamy pics all over social media of their coffees, food and aesthetically pleasing interiors and exteriors.

I am a coffee gal through and through, there is nothing I love more and I need two coffees a day otherwise I can’t cope. I’d been wanting to try Grind’s coffee for way too long after hearing so much about it and it did not disappoint. After a trip to my favourite store (Brandy Melville on Carnaby Street) I dragged my mum to Soho Grind and ordered an iced latte with skim milk and one sugar, my go-to. We were served by someone from Straya and, srsly guys, if there is one place in the world that knows how to do coffee it’s Australia, so this was a good sign. I champion Small Batch, a coffee shop chain in Brighton, so much. Their coffee has always been my favourite, at least until I took my first sip at Soho Grind. Y’all!!!! Their coffee is bloody unreal. So smooth, not too bitter. I need it again so bad, writing this post is ruining me.

We visited the Shoreditch Grind on our last day in London before leaving for the most goals brunch I’ve ever consumed. We went to Old Street station purely for Naked Dough but I realised Shoreditch Grind was across the street so wanted to pop in for a coffee, ykno after I couldn’t stop thinking about it from two days before, and we ended up staying for brunch.

Best. Avo. Toast. You. Will. Ever. Try. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good avocado toast, but it needs to be made the right way otherwise it’s a bit sickly. The poached eggs were perfection, the added feta made it so much better, the avocado was smashed over the sourdough properly. Naaaahhh, proper heart eyes emoji over this brunch. I got the same coffee as before (which I am seriously now craving as I write this) and they were amazing together. Oh, and the marble tables are an Instagram dream.


Ok, I feel like this is a bit of a cop out because I know this isn’t just in London, but it ain’t in B town so this was a ~special~ one for me even though it might not seem like it for you. I’ve heard about Byron Burgers loads before, from browsing TimeOut like twice and the odd Insta food post, and I’ve heard that their burgers are the best. Now, I’m one of those plain af eaters, I only like cheeseburgers that are literally the burger and cheese, no sauces or veg or added bacon and all that fancy unnecessary jazz, so when people take pics of their amazing, stacked super high burgers, I can’t relate. I’m all for hashtag doing it for the gram from time to time but soz, not giving up my picky burger ways for the perfect pic of a towering burger. So yes, the pic doesn’t look impressive but trust, it’s the best burger I’ve ever had. Makes GBK look like Maccas. The meat is cooked to perfection, not too rare but not too tough and the cheese! Nah, the cheese, they have their own that’s a mix of about four or five different cheeses melted together and cheese is such a weakness, it just gets me, so this was my own personal heaven. And I don’t have a pic but I really rate the nachos, we just had them as plain tortilla chips with salsa and guac and all that, and dayuummm they are lush. We were so full that night I barely slept from my huge food and sugar consumption.

Where did I get that huge sugar consumption? One word (kinda two, or kinda maybe a blend word – english language A Level ruined my life can you tell?): freakshake. I have been after a freakshake place for like ever, it’s the reason I’ve ventured on TimeOut before. The amount of times I’ve looked up the best freakshake places in London and just not had the time to go once I was up there is ridic, and I’d seen Byron mentioned as one of the places to go for a good freakshake so the second I saw them on the menu my eyes (and my stomach and my tastebuds) lit up. It did not disappoint and my first freakshake experience was an amazing one. The brownie on top you guys, I can’t deal. And it was Oreo flavoured! Oreo milkshakes are such a weakness, and again this one made the GBK one look like Maccas (ok maybe not cos the GBK one is a real gift to this world but the freakshake was still better). Sure, I didn’t sleep well that night at all but do I rly care?


Oh. My. God. The second word of an edible cookie dough pop up in London spread, I knew I needed to visit before it closed down. When we didn’t manage to get Wimbledon tickets for day two I knew there was a silver lining and that was that it left my day free to trek (tube) all the way to Old Street station and finally get to try Naked Dough. I bloody love cookie dough, back in Straya they used to sell these fat rolls of cookie dough to bake and I used to eat the whole thing raw in a night and probably give myself salmonella from the raw egg, so finding a place where I could re-live those tasty childhood memz without p much poisoning myself was a dream come true.

I had a scoop of unicorn food (normal dough with marshmallows and sprinkles) and a scoop of mud bath (chocolate dough with choc chips) and I was living the dream. Oh, and we all know I like my tennis. As it was Wimby season, the employees mentioned how they wanted to change the names of the two flavours I had to Candy Murray and Chocovic and you best believe ya girl was right behind the idea. I suggested a strawberries and cream flavour to fit the theme of The Championships too so ykno, if they do that during Wimbledon 2018 I want my credit. They also mentioned how they want to get a stand inside Wimbledon next year and I’m already envisioning myself missing Muzza on Centre Court because I’m eating my weight in Naked Dough.

As I said, this is a pop up and I was under the impression that it was closing down at the end of July but their website is still up with the same address in Old Street station, and Google still has them down as being open for business so hopefully you can get down there and it’ll still be there ready for you to learn the real meaning of what a sweet treat is.

There we have it, all three places exceeded expectations and lived up to the hype. And now I’m v v v hungry after writing this post and already planning my next London trip to revisit all these places.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of the food or drink at any of these places and what you thought! And ofc I am open to more recommendations to gorge on yummy food, sickly sweet desserts and drink all the coffee I possibly can so comments with suggestions of new places to try in London will be v much appreciated.




  1. AislingWood
    August 10, 2017 / 5:37 pm

    Love this!!! And the food looks so good 😍 Deffo trying Naked Dough when I'm next in London as well

  2. July 4, 2018 / 3:27 am

    All that food looks so good. Really craving the cookie dough now!

    • Yasmin Stefanie
      July 8, 2018 / 12:19 pm

      haha it really is!

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