Post Results Day

So a short and sweet post today (by that I mean a little ramble of a post that’s only about a paragraph long). I needed to do my post results day blog post since I’d originally written one about the lead up to results day (little plug there). Results day went a lot better than expected and overall I’m very pleased with my results. I’m not going to post them here because there’s something that feels inappropriate and braggy about doing so, although I tweeted my results so you can see them on my Twitter if you’re interested (another plug). It was all such a whirlwind even though I stuck around for an hour and a half so I could see people and some teachers. Once it was over and I was back home on Thursday, I felt empty. I’m not going to the sixth form at my school so I’m never going to have a reason to go back there and weirdly, that makes me really sad. Throughout Summer I had comfort in knowing that I’d still go back one more time for results but now it’s over and that kind of breaks my heart a little.

 I mentioned in my lead up post how nervous I was for no apparent reason and on the day I refused to go in to collect my envelope for about twenty minutes because I was so nervous. I also mentioned how music was the only subject I couldn’t pass without any revision and I was definitely right because I got the exact grade boundary for a C overall, if I had dropped one mark I would’ve failed it. Grade wise, there were two subjects where I wished I got one grade above instead of what I actually got, and I found out that I had been 2 and 4 marks away from the next grade up in each of those two subjects which was annoying but I’m not going to the trouble of getting them remarked because I don’t really mind and it costs about £35. I am considering getting each of my maths papers back to look at because they’re about £7 each and maths was the only subject in my grading breakdown that didn’t have the marks with it. Maths was also the subject I worked so hard to achieve an A in (I did it!) and I shed several tears over it as well as spending every moment at school revising maths even when I had three exams in one day, so I want to know exactly how I did out of curiosity because I put the most effort into it. I’m not quite sure how it would work but I’m considering it! Also, as a results present, I was given a gorgeous Pandora ring that’s pictured above.

A normal, longer post will be up on Wednesday as usual. I hope you all got the results that you wanted too!




  1. Anonymous
    August 24, 2015 / 3:21 pm

    Good result. Looking forward to your next post!

  2. Shannon Nugent
    August 24, 2015 / 3:31 pm

    Well done Yasmin! It's great news that you've passed.

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