Products That Are Worth the Hype

So many makeup products these days are overhyped and you buy them expecting good things because of the hype, only to be let down by the sad reality that the product actually has nothing going for it aside from the hype that surrounds it. This might put you off of buying products that are so hyped up because you won’t trust their reputation but then you may be missing out on trying a genuinely good product that’ll work wonders for you. To make sure that you don’t miss out on the hyped up products that are genuinely good, I’m going to talk you through three things that are pretty much iconic in the beauty world and are actually worth all of the praise that they get.


The holy grail bronzer that everyone in the beauty world praises. When I was twelve years old I’d watch intently as all of the beauty vloggers applied Nars Laguna to their faces, and I wondered if I’d ever use such an expensive, appealing product. The answer was yes, and I now know exactly why it always has been and always will be such a worshipped bronzer. It doesn’t contain any noticeable shimmers which means that you can always create a glowing, bronzed look or contour your face and have everything look completely natural. Instead, it only has a very subtle shimmer which helps to achieve a natural, glowy look rather than make your face look glittery and fake. Its lasting power is incredible, I think the one part of my makeup that lasts on my face all day is my contour with this bronzer. Its pigmentation is highly impressive, a little goes a long way when using the Nars Laguna bronzer and there is a generous amount of bronzing powder that comes in the product, so this bronzer will last you a long time which is a bonus because you’ll barely need to use any of the bronzer at one time. The bronzer costs £27.50 and the price completely put me off of buying it because I thought that my Benefit Hoola, which Nars Laguna is always compared to, did a good enough job and was cheaper. It’s definitely worth forking out a little bit to buy Nars Laguna though, it’s on a whole other level from any other bronzer out there and the price is completely justifiable because I’d probably pay more for it since it’s so amazing. You can definitely see why it’s such a hyped about product and it deserves all the hype that it has.


Mascara is one of those things that you can get away with being cheap about. There are so many satisfactory drugstore mascaras that you may think you’ll never need to delve into the world of high end mascaras but you are oh so wrong, especially when it comes to the YSL Babydoll Mascara. You will not experience a real lengthening mascara until you try this. The strange thing is that this mascara was so overhyped that I somewhat boycotted it and refused to buy it. I was shot down though, because it’s the best mascara I’ve tried, and I’ve probably tried more mascaras than any other product. I’d run out of my trusty Benefit They’re Real and I was using the remains of travel size Benefit mascaras when I decided that I wanted to take the plunge and buy a YSL mascara so that I could feel fancy and luxurious. Babydoll was the only mascara of theirs that I’d properly heard about so I searched for demos and reviews of every mascara that YSL has, and ended up loving Babydoll when it was in action. I’m a big fan of long and fluttery but natural eyelashes and I definitely favour length over volume so the YSL Babydoll mascara is a match made in heaven for my eyelashes. It’s worth the hype because after one coat, my eyelashes are long and my eyes look wide and open so after multiple coats it looks even better, if that’s even possible. My eyelashes are naturally black (a true blessing) so in terms of colour, I’m not quite sure just how intense the black of the mascara is but I’m sure it’s the blackest black there is possible otherwise the mascara wouldn’t be so overhyped because it can’t earn it’s amazing reputation on lengthening alone. The mascara also gives a substantial amount of volume, despite being a lengthening mascara, which is a bonus because it means that you don’t need to use two different mascaras for two different things. It doesn’t give you spidery eyelashes and it doesn’t give you clumpy eyelashes. 100% worth the hype, don’t let the hype put you off like it did for me because I’m certainly eating my words right now.


There are a million and one blog posts about all of the Naked Palettes, including both of the Basics and the new Smoky, so I’ll keep it short. If you have the Naked Palettes then you’ll never need to buy any other eyeshadows ever again (but you’ll do it anyway because life is short and everyone needs sparkly, champagne eyelids). I have Naked 1, 2 and 3 as well as the first Naked Basics (which I’m hitting pan on as you can probably tell by the photo, sorry about that) and I seriously need to expand my collection to Smoky and the second Naked Basics because all of Urban Decay’s Naked eyeshadows are seriously impressive. They’re easy to work with and the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating an eyeshadow look with the Naked palettes, especially now that there’s a smoky eye edition. The pigmentation of the Naked palette eyeshadows is incredible although I find that unless I have a good base or primer, the eyeshadows do crease and wear away throughout the day. This is to be expected of most eyeshadows anyway and the quality of the Naked palette eyeshadows completely overweighs this slight disadvantage. The Naked palettes are coveted in the beauty world because they offer such a wide variety of easy to work with shades and colours, whether you prefer shimmery or matte, warm or cool, light or dark. Each palette offers a mix of different neutral toned eyeshadows that have a different finish so only owning one palette is more than enough, although having the entire collection is extremely satisfying and if you have every palette then you will have every neutral colour known to man in your eyeshadow collection. Naked palettes are iconic and it’s definitely for good reason.

I hope this helps you be able to set apart the makeup products that deserve their hype from the ones that really don’t deserve and positive things said about them at all.



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