Quick & Easy No Heat Curls!

Welcome back to a normal blog post! Now that there are no more videos with Becca to share *sob* it’s back to my usual snazzy content. Today I wanted to share with all of you how I got my hair this curly without using any heat whatsoever! It’s super easy and the actual process is really quick although the waiting it actually quite long, but it’s fine and bearable.

The super simple way I got this look was by leaving French plaits in my hair for two days. A two day wait seems pretty agonising because it seems so long but it’s completely fine, and having your hair in French plaits means that it’s actually styled for that two day wait rather than your hair looking horrific and untidy. You can obviously choose to leave them in for less time if you want, for a looser curl and more of an effortless beach waves look rather than the look that I went for. 

EDIT/UPDATE: I know it’s kinda cheating to say to leave the plaits in for two days. Leave them in overnight while you sleep instead and take them out before you go out the following morning, you still get the curl and that genuinely is quick and easy!

I cheated and used a photo outtake from my face of the day blog post because it’s one of the only blog worthy ones I have of my hair in the plaits but it’s as simple and easy as doing French plaits in your hair (I say French plaits instead of normal ones because it makes all of your hair go curly as opposed to just the ends) and leaving them in for as long as you please, depending on the amount of curl you want.

I French plaited my hair on Monday afternoon and took the plaits out on Wednesday morning, then I put the plaits back in on Wednesday night and took them back out on Friday morning. Obviously, if you’re like me and you wash your hair once a week (scandalous, I know !!!) then this method works fine for you but if leaving your hair in plaits for two days without washing it is shocking for you, just go for it and use dry shampoo when you take the plaits out. Obviously this method depends on how long you’re willing to leave your hair in plaits, unwashed, in order to get a lot of curl, but it looks really nice (that sounds vain, lol) so it’s worth the wait, in my opinion. You might think I lied by making the title of this ‘quick & easy’ but the French plaits are quick to do so it’s true, kinda.

This is the final result on Wednesday morning. I really like doing this because it makes a change to my usual blowdried straight hair that I have almost every single day of my life, and it lets me have both plaited hair and then super curly hair which changes things up and adds ~vArIeTy~ to my look. Change is good, yeah?

I hope this helps some of you with your hair!



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