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yasmin stefanie - glossier lidstar perfecting skin tint solution nars laguna maybelline gel eyeliner

Feels like it’s been approx. ten years since I did a beauty faves post so it had to be done. And not just because I’m running out of outfit photos from the last time I bulk shot at home. I am p sure the last time I did a beauty faves post was back in July (wtf?!) and the last time I did any sorta beauty post was January, and even then that was about hair.

There are a whole ton of products I’ve started using or started loving way more since the last time I did a beauty fave posts, and I’ve also changed up the way I do my makeup which has brought some old loves back into my life. So ykno, girl’s gotta share it all with you.

maybelline gel eyeliner

I’ve been using this for a long time – exhibit a. But I’ve always been a bit on/off with eyeliner, I’ll go through phases of wearing it everyday and phases of only using eyeshadow and mascara to the point where I forget how to actually apply eyeliner when I wanna go back to it. At the moment I’m peak eyeliner phase, I wear a wing every single day without fail. I want to try the ones people talk about at some point (Inglot? Sigma? Are those the two popular ones?) but this one is so damn good, especially for the price, that I can’t part with it. It also lasts years, this is the same one I bought like two years ago and have been using ever since, I know you’re not meant to do that but why throw out a half full pot of liner because of an ‘expiration date‘?. Now that daily wings are back in my life this is my holy grail. It lasts all day and literally does not budge, it applies like a dream – creamy enough to glide on nicely but firm enough that it doesn’t melt and go in directions you don’t want it to go. Obsessed. Get this in your life.

glossier solution

When Glossier announced this I freaked tf out. 1. I am a massive Glossier fan, I believe the hype and tbh I still think they are underrated. 2. Every problem they described in the screenshot they used to promote the product and hint that it was coming is every problem I have, so I was buzzin to find something that would solve my skincare woes. I will say this though, the fact that Alpha H Liquid Gold came into my life a few months prior to this product being released probably helped with the results Solution ended up giving me. If I had never used Liquid Gold I think Solution would’ve just done for me what Liquid Gold did, but because of LG (lol I read that as Lady Gaga – still a lowkey little monster) it gave me a better starting point to then use Solution because my skin had already cleared up loads since August, and Solution cleared it up even further. I still have some skincare issues but using Solution took my skin to another level of clear. The only time I get a breakout is when I’ve gone from Brighton to Bournemouth or vice versa where the water is a bit different and my skin has to adjust, and they clear up super fact overnight after using this beauty. My only criticisms are that it seems to be going down much faster than my Alpha H Liquid Gold does, and also that the pump really annoys me. I know most people love it but I find it so so so hard to get product out and wish it just let you tip the liquid onto a pad instead of pressing for years to get 0.01ml out.

glossier skin tint

More Glossier ??? Shock !!! Like eyeliner, I’ve always been a bit on/off foundation. I stopped wearing it from 2013-2015, got back into it, then stopped again in Summer 2016, then again from Summer 2017 onwards. Since August/September I’ve not been wearing foundation and, when I stopped wearing it again, I knew I wanted to try this out because it’d give me what I wanted. I am obsessed with this, seriously obsessed. I use a Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector as a primer underneath to give me some glow then pop this over the top and adore the natural look it gives. It evens out your skin tone and covers really subtle blemishes but your skin can still breathe and is still relatively visible under the tint. I don’t mind the look of the odd lil blemish or bump coming through your makeup, the natural vibe is the vibe I like, so this is an absolute dream for me. It applies beautifully and is the best go-to on an everyday basis. I still wear foundation for occasions but I happily shoot for the blog, go out out, go somewhere ~important~ wearing this because I’m p happy without foundation all the time. Though saying that, I do wanna get back into foundation so pls send me some recommendations! The new NARS one sounds good, if not I really love their older All Day Luminous Weightless, and I still have my Makeup Forever HD for occasions. I want to get into a happy medium of skin tint some days and foundation others, because when you wear this you can tell you’re not actually wearing foundation. People who have known me as long as I’ve been wearing this can 100% tell the difference between when I wear this and when I wear foundation so if that’s something you care about it might not be for you, if you don’t care then I 11/10 recommend.

glossier lidstar (in cup + slip)

Oh look, more Glossier. Told y’all I proper buy into the hype. The day these were released I bought two, I wanted the two pinkier shades because I’ve always loved the look of a glossy pink shimmer washed all over the eye lid. For some reason, I was expecting these to be much more pigmented than they are. For the formula and the ~concept~ of what these are meant to be, they have great pigmentation, I have zero idea why I expected more intensity from them. I was extremely worried about having my gel eyeliner melt over the top of these, in the past I’ve had cream shadows from Mac that melted off and melted my gel liner off with them, but these dry fast enough that you don’t have to take a break between applying these and applying your liner but slow enough to work with them and blend them out with your fingertip to get your desired look. I prefer these without eyeliner but, as mentioned, I’m having a liner phase atm so still put my wing over the top. I loovveeee the look of these with a super natural, no-makeup makeup look. V pretty. Worth the hype.

ALSO: I would totally put every single Glossier product I own in this favourites because they’ve all become favourites since July, but I wrote about my other Glossier products here when they first launched in the UK so I also love and recommend those, just didn’t want to basically rewrite my opinions on them. And if you want 10% off your entire Glossier order click here!

nars laguna

So yes, this is a cult classic and yes, I’ve spoken about it more than once on this blog before. But, I’ve re fallen in love for the millionth time. There’s a reason this is everyone’s holy grail. I’m a huge fan of cream and liquid products for the face, so usually unless there’s an occasion I just use my contour stick and be done with it, I can’t be bothered to add bronzer on top. I’ve started doing it again in the last couple months though and I swear, Laguna transforms my face. It literally goes from meh to wow with a few quick sweeps of Laguna in my cheekbones and temples. I use this to contour, I can sorta get away with it because of my skin tone, and it ends up adding such a nice amount of warmth to my face as well as sculpting it. The other reason why this is mentioned as a recent favourite for the millionth time on this blog is because I’ve been using it differently – as my crease colour. I’ve kinda gone off eyeshadow now that I wear winged liner everyday, I just can’t be bothered to waste my time doing both for an everyday look. Laguna is the perfect lil substitute for a proper eyeshadow job. I do my eye makeup before my base, so when I’m applying my bronzer as contour I then go in with a lil crease brush and swipe some across my crease in an I-really-don’t-care-how-precise-this-is fashion. I feel like I’ve always gotta have something in my crease to give shadow and definition or I look like an albino rat, and Laguna gives a subtle warm shadow to make my eyes stand out that lil bit extra.

So there we have it. I think that 3/5 of these products being Glossier rly says something about how good they are so if there’s anything you buy based off of these recommendations it’s gotta be from them!


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