Spotlight On: Charli XCX

This month marked three years since Charli XCX’s first album True Romance came out so I couldn’t think of anyone better than Charli to be my spotlight on for the month. She’s one of those artists who, in my opinion, deserves much more recognition than she gets and is super underrated, despite her now being a fairly well known name in music.

I’ve known about Charli since 2011, started listening to her music in late 2012 and became a huge, huge fan of her at the beginning of 2013 when You (Ha Ha Ha) came out, which is still my favourite song of all time to this day. If you’ve seen any of my YouTube videos, nine times out of ten there will be a Charli song playing in the background because I love her music so much.

She became well known in mid 2013 after Icona Pop’s I Love It, and then became even more well known in mid 2014 after Iggy Azalea’s Fancy, which made a name for both of them, and Boom Clap which became famous as a single for The Fault in Our Stars. She has a really unique and versatile voice, if you heard a Charli song you’d instantly know it was a Charli song because her voice is so distinguishable yet she’s still able to do a lot with it.

Her first album, True Romance, is one of my all time favourites. Throwback Charli music is probably my favourite Charli music, although I still love her more recent stuff. It’s classed as alternative in iTunes and I’d agree, it’s not a stereotypical pop record, but the overall sound is amazing and the alternative label shouldn’t put you off if you don’t like alternative music because I don’t but I still adore this album. It’s definitely more of a synth pop / electro pop sound which is really fun and makes the album easy to listen to. True Romance is one of those albums that was years in the making because it includes songs like Stay Away and Nuclear Seasons which first came out in 2011 plus she started writing it in 2010, and it was definitely worth the long wait and anticipation. Even though the album is three years old (and some of the songs are five years old!) it’s one of those that never gets old and I still listen to it all the time. My standout songs from the album are Stay Away, Nuclear Seasons, You’re The One and You (Ha Ha Ha) which happen to all be singles from the album. Even though it’s one of those ~fake fan~ things to have your favourite song be a released single, these are just coincidentally the singles from True Romance and I guess Charli is insane at choosing her singles because they’re my favourite songs from the album. Also, Nuclear Seasons was in an episode of Gossip Girl so Charli wins at life.

Her second and most recent album, Sucker, is a true girl power pop record. It’s also classed as alternative by iTunes but I have no idea why because this album gives me the same girl power pop vibes that the Spice Girls do. The album is sassy and fun and everything I love about pop music. It includes the singles Boom Clap from The Fault in Our Stars and Doing It which features Rita Ora – which both went top 10 in the UK and made me super proud. These are probably Charli’s most well known songs that are hers so if you’ve only ever heard these two Charli songs you’ll definitely love the entire album. Pop music these days is really hit and miss and it’s getting harder and harder to get it right when making a pop record but Sucker has something about it that makes it such a hit. It’s got a genuine pop sound that’s more bold and fresh than every other pop album – there’s a slight punk sound but it’s also perfect to dance to and that makes the album an all-rounder in the pop music department. My standout songs are Break The Rules, London Queen, Breaking Up, Famous and Hanging Around. Again, most of these songs are singles or were released in the lead up to the album which proves again that Charli picks the best singles.

Another song which is one of my favourites from Charli is Superlove, it’s not on any of her albums but it’s up there with my favourite Charli XCX songs so I had to mention it. You can find True Romance on iTunes here and Sucker on iTunes here, you’re welcome.


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