The Lead Up to Results Day

I wanted to do a pre results day post because tomorrow is a week until A Level results and two weeks until GCSE results. Since it’s my GCSE results day and I obviously would never have been at a school for results day before, I have no idea what to expect, which is a given, but I didn’t even know that we had to go inside the school building on results day which is just common sense, so if I didn’t expect that I’d need to go inside then my perception of results day is definitely the wrong one. Aside from my expectations of the day, there’s the obvious nerves to discover my grades that everybody in the country awaiting their results shares with me. I am absolutely freaking out about my results which will probably irritate anyone who knows me because I’m one of those annoying people who can get decent grades and at least pass everything (except for music) without any revision. I’m not freaking out because I assume I’ve done badly though. In fact, I couldn’t tell you why I’m freaking out, I just am. I’m sure a lot of people share this feeling with me though. During the exams I was actually absolutely fine, I felt like every exam went well enough and I wasn’t worried about my results at all, I was only curious to find out what grades I got. Right now though, it’s a completely different story. A little under two weeks ago, it hit me that results day was near and looming, and that’s when I started to freak out. I’m scared, I’m genuinely fearful for what grades I could’ve got and I have absolutely no reason to be. I don’t even know what the purpose of this post is but I needed to vent about the fear during the lead up to results day, and if anyone feels the same way then that’s a bonus because it means we aren’t alone. I also thought it would be quite fun to to a post before results day about what I expect from it, and a post afterwards to reflect on this one and compare my expectations to what actually happened and what grades I actually got. 

Now that I’ve had my little vent, how is everyone else feeling about the lead up to results day? Are you in the same boat as me or do you feel a lot more calm and collected about it?



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