The Perfect Lip Duo // MAC Brave & Subculture

So I wanted to do a post on my two holy grail lip products because since the whole Kylie Jenner lips thing came about last year, the whole beauty world has become pretty obsessed with finding the perfect shade of lipstick to match the perfect shade of lipliner. I’ve mentioned these two products numerous times across my blog and my YouTube channel but I wanted to elaborate on them as a duo.

My absolute favourite lipliner of all time has got to be MAC’s Subculture. I got it at the start of the year and it wasn’t as popular as it is now when I got it, back then it was all about Spice, Whirl and Soar, and nothing else. Subculture is that perfect ‘your lips but better’ shade, and I hate that saying because it’s one of those bullshit, cliche phrases but when I tried this lipliner I knew that as cringe as the saying is, it’s also very true, therefore I will only ever use it when speaking about this liner because it is actually the perfect match to the colour of my lips but much more nice and pretty overall. As you can see, I must love it a lot because it’s so tiny that the size of the lipliner itself is now equivalent of the size of the lid. I’m going to pick up either this one or Soar in duty free next week (because I’m just dying to try Soar – who knows, it might become my new fave!) then get the shade I didn’t buy whenever I have money.

There was a certain lipstick from MAC that I used for two or three years straight and that was Hue, but this year when it started running down and it got to the time where I’d annually repurchase it, I decided to get Brave instead. I’m such a neutral pink lipstick person, I love nude pinks, baby pinks, darker beige pinks, peachy pinks – as long as a lipstick is pink but isn’t too out there then it’s automatically a favourite. I wanted to get a neutral pink lipstick from MAC that was darker than Hue and after looking around on websites and blogs, and watching endless MAC lipstick videos on YouTube, I decided that I wanted Brave. I spoke about Brave as a lipstick in my MAC lipstick collection post so I won’t bother repeating myself again.

Instead, I’d rather talk about Brave and Subculture as a combo. I line my lips, slightly over-lining them in the process, and fill them in using Subculture, then I place Brave straight on top. They have a similar undertone and colouring so when used one on top of the other, they blend together to create a beautiful colour that’s a perfect in between of the two shades and isn’t too different to either of the shades on their own since they’re such a similar colour. I use this duo almost everyday and it gives the most perfect colour and makes your lips look fuller, pretty and pink! I don’t wanna buy into the whole Kylie Jenner lip hype myself but if you want to find a liner and lipstick that’ll give you a similar look then these two word perfectly since they’re beige-y pinks!

Have you tried either of these shades? What are your holy grail lip products?



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