the pink teddy puffer (& a lil thought on blogging)

puffer: urban outfitters // beret: seint [similar]

So I wanted to share this coat desperately. Except, I couldn’t think of what to chat about. And in my post all about finding my ~niche~ and ~USP~ in the blogosphere, I said, literally quoting from that post, “I don’t want to just put up a few pics of an outfit with five sentences about it when that could be done on Insta”. Hmm, how about a couple pics of one item of clothing and a few lines about it instead?

You see, I think ya girl got a bit caught up in the thing of the moment, and thought I had to be deep 24/7 baby 365. I love having a proper chat about something that holds at least a little bit of significance and can give an audience something, it is still what I want to do and the direction I’d like to see my blog go in, a la that post. But what if I want to put up a pic or two of an outfit and tell you what I think about it too? I want to do that now. I’ve been writing (aka attempting to write) what you may call deep think posts so that I had words to accompany my pink puffer pics, but I didn’t care that much about what I was writing about. When I wrote my ‘deeper’ posts like the sexism in tennis one it’s because the issue was bothering me incessantly and so I had to speak out about it and have an outlet, and this blog is my outlet.

The thing is, these posts are a bit of a thing at the moment. And that’s great! They’re both my favourites to read and my favourites to write – but only when something sparks me writing it, not me sitting there trying to think about what deep life issue I have some sort of an opinion on and then forcing that into a thoughtful blog post. I didn’t realise this until I saw some people chatting about it on Twitter, I think Lily Pebbles started it off. Why does it seem to be the ‘thing’ – why does it feel as though you could no longer share an outfit post with a few lines about the outfit and that you have to provoke discussion when all you want to do is show the world your bloody pink puffer?

So, here’s my stance, and my point. I LOVE a ‘think piece’ of a blog post, but at the same time I enjoy reading someone’s thoughts on their outfit – why they chose those boots, what compelled them to style these piece together, how they felt when they laid eyes on that jumper on ASOS and knew it was 100% them. Yes, you can briefly sum that up in an Instagram caption and achieve almost the exact same thing but like, do it on your blog. You have your blog for a reason and it’s to do what you want with it and post what you want on it. So if you wanna share a photo of your pink puffer so bad, maybe it means you care about your pink puffer enough to form a blog post around it, without the need for a deep life story.

So I was thinking, why can’t I do both? And there is absolutely zero reason why I can’t be ~the girl who does it all~ and so that is what I am going to do.

And here we have it, by having this thought, this ‘why do we have to be deep 24/7 and why did I say I have to be deep 24/7’ thought, I’ve kinda written a post with substance. Not just talking about my pink puffer.

Now, without further ado, finally(!!!), onto the pink puffer!

I was seeing this beauty on Insta once Autumn hit and was thinking a whole lot of ‘wow I love that very me 11/10 wish I could have that can so see myself in it for the rest of time’ type thoughts. The problem was, I also wanted a teddy fleece, and I thought that I wanted this more so was prepared to disregard the pink teddy puffer of dreams.

Then, when I went home for reading week, I went into Urban Outfitters (a Brighton girl’s dream land) with my mum and my cousin, and my mum fell in love with it on the mannequin the same way I had on Instagram – generational gaps, you know?

I’m pretty sure she wanted me to have it more than I did, so she offered to pay and I am eternally grateful to her for bringing this beauty into my life because I have worn it almost every single day since and can see myself continuing to wear it, even when it gets warmer and I’m pretending I’m not sweating in it even though I totally am.

It ticks all the trendzzzzz boxes too: millennial pink, teddy texture, puffer jacket. Pls don’t think that’s why I bought it, it’s not, but it’s a nice added extra to seem ~on trend~ for one Winter. I’ll still wear it next year when we’re obsessed with cream longline faux fur coats or something.

I just can’t tell you how much I love this puffer. It’s so me. There is nothing much more satisfying than when you see something in a store (or on IG lol) and your first thought is, I have never seen anything more me. And, to be totally honest, even though I’m not at all your typical Brighton alternative indie girl (and if we’re putting it this way, the coat is more ~mainstream~ than ~indie~ lol let me throw up now) there is something about Urban Outfitters and their effortless pieces that just calls my name repeatedly, as a large percentage of my old sixth form college would tell you.

My style is pretty one-extreme-to-the-other, and what I love about this puffer is that it can look a bit more ~edgy~ with a pair of cigarette trousers and trainers, or all Gossip Girl fancy with a beret like this one.

Ngl, the day I wore this outfit and put this bathroom selfie on my Snapchat story (this is my only excuse for using it here) one of my friends back home replied saying that I looked like I was living in Gossip Girl and it made my day – and I basically met Annabel Croft on this day because she was in the same bathroom as me when I was redoing my tit tape lol. If a piece works with every aspect of my style then it’s a pretty good determiner that it is PERFECT for me.

Pink teddy puffer, I love you and I won’t stop banging on about you.

They also have it in cream, grey, brown, and black if that’s more your kinda thing, although only brown is in stock online at the moment though I’ve seen all the other colours in store. You’re welcome.

Also, before you go, I started doing a weekly vlog so here’s the first one, enjooyyyyy X




  1. Rosa Fairfield
    December 22, 2017 / 6:09 pm

    I think that’s a great point you make about not being able to force yourself to think of an issue to write about. It doesn’t work that way for me to, the same with creating videos.

    • Yasmin Stefanie
      December 29, 2017 / 6:35 pm

      it's hard because you want to give something of value but don't want it to be untrue!

  2. Hannah Victoria Gladwin
    December 29, 2017 / 10:58 am

    I definitely know what you mean! I think I may be the opposite though lol – I always want to write in-depth think pieces but never have the outfit to go with it. But, when I have a bomb outfit I want to show off, I always wonder 'will anyone care why I chose to put these things together?'

    • Yasmin Stefanie
      December 29, 2017 / 6:36 pm

      haha I get outfit pics about five times a year so when I have a thought it's sooooo annoying if all I have to go with it is a flatlay of my jewellery or something! and yeah sometimes I wonder if chatting about my outfit is enough but if I genuinely love it, it must be worth shouting about!

  3. Kat
    January 30, 2018 / 8:39 am

    This is definitely something that I've been thinking about lately. I noticed people doing thoughtful posts with outfit photos. I've done a couple of those, but I also like sharing posts dedicated to my outfits e.g. why I bought them or what I love about the outfit. Hope this all makes sense! ����

    • Yasmin Stefanie
      January 30, 2018 / 8:18 pm

      yes definitely! I like a bit of both, if I can think of something thoughtful that I know I really want to write about it then I will but I'd rather chat about my outfit than force a thoughtful post that I don't rly care about for the sake of it X

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