The Product That Works Wonders For Dry Skin

I feel so out of practice with blogging right now! So maybe I should start off with my apologies and reasons for not blogging in over three weeks. What. I’ve already explained on Twitter but if you don’t follow me (which you should!) then you would’ve missed the reason for my absence. As everyone probably now knows, this time of year is exam season and I, like many others, had AS and A Level exams in the last week. We all know I’m a massive procrastinator but I had to dedicate a lot of my time to revising, and I basically didn’t have a life until my final exam finished yesterday afternoon, hence why I couldn’t blog for a little while. Anyway, I’m back now and I have lots planned, so there’ll be no more silence from me on here!

I’ve been wanting to post about this moisturiser for ages now because it’s a must-have for anyone with dry skin. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this in a YouTube video before but I wanted to go more in-depth about it! It’s the Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief moisturiser, and it’s a little miracle worker.

I’d been toying with the idea of buying this moisturiser for a good six months before I eventually got it, I first looked at the normal version of this moisturiser, then at a Kiehls moisturiser, and then at this version. I can’t begin to explain how much the Extended Thirst Relief has improved the condition of my very dry skin in the few short months that I’ve been using it.

Even though this is perfect for dry skin, don’t let that lead you to believe that it’s a heavy moisturiser and you can feel sitting on your skin. While it’s rich and moisturising, it feels really lightweight and sinks into the skin beautifully, leaving it feeling soft but not sticky. I don’t know what it’s like for people who don’t have dry skin but I think that it’ll be suitable for all skin types because of the lightweight feel of the cream. It’s also one I’d definitely recommend for the colder, Winter months – even though we’re now approaching Summer. If you don’t have dry skin then maybe the regular Moisture Surge cream would be more fitting for you day-to-day, with the Extended Thirst Relief version being an addition to your Winter skincare routine but for girls like me, this is perfect all year round. 

I’m one of those people whose skin gets so dry that it can flake off, or I can get tiny patches of eczema on my face (I had the smallest patch ever on the bridge of my nose over Winter and this made it disappear in no time) so finding a cream that promises to be hydrating and nourishing, and then actually lives up to those promises, is an extremely hard task but I’ve definitely found it in my Extended Thirst Relief.

This was my first higher end skincare purchase ever, I believe, and it’s definitely encouraged me to buy more higher end and luxury skincare in the future. I’m kind of having a moment of wanting to invest more in skincare than makeup right now, because if I can clear up my skin then I won’t need to wear as much makeup. The Extended Thirst Relief has made me want to try lots more Clinique stuff out, especially because I’ve had so many of their products on my mental wishlist for the longest time! And it’s heightened my interest towards the whole Moisture Surge range now that I know it truly does help dry skin.

I would recommend this moisturiser to anyone because it works such wonders but if you’ve got dry skin and you’re struggling to find skincare that helps your dry skin then look no further, buy this immediately.

UPDATE: When writing this post, I was delusional and mistook the ‘extended thirst relief’ name for it being the ‘intense’ version, I was banging on about how it was the richer version of the two moisturisers when it actually wasn’t. The intense version is here if you preferred the sound of it, and the one in this post is the normal, original version. Soz. 

Have you got any holy grail skincare products that work wonders for you too?


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