Top 5 MAC Picks

MAC is one of those much loved brands that almost everyone who has any interest in beauty has bought makeup from. I feel like it’s the first high end brand people tend to look towards and the first high end brand that most people buy from because they’re so well known, their products are great quality and they’re quite cheap in comparison to a lot of other high end, luxury makeup brands. I thought it would be a really good idea to share my favourite MAC items with you all, whether you’re wanting to try something from MAC for the first time ever or discover a new gem from them to add to your existing, big collection. Since my favourites differ from the usual Ruby Woo or Velvet Teddy, I thought this post would help some of you find a MAC product that might not have huge hype.

I’ll be honest with you, the entire MAC Ellie Goulding collection is my favourite MAC pick but I’ve already spoken about it so, so, so many times that I thought I’d leave EG out of this and just pick standard MAC products that will always be around. I do have a post with a full review of MAC Ellie Goulding, complete with swatches, which you can read here.

Strobe Cream I used to speak about this little beauty so often in the first few months of my blog being created. It’s a moisturiser that gives you the most beautiful, healthy looking glow when you have it on. It’s super versatile, you can use it alone just as a moisturiser, as a primer to make your foundation appear glowy or as a liquid highlight on the tops of your cheekbones. 

Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation Back when I didn’t wear foundation for two years, this was my saviour. It’s a powder that gives you a little bit more coverage than a normal powder so I’d use it all over my face to cover any imperfections and make my base look ~flawless~. I don’t really use powder as much as I used to because I hate the idea of mattifying my skin in any way possible since I’m obsessed with the glowy look but this still has got to be my holy grail powder. It works on its own or over foundation and makes your skin look all airbrushed, perfect.

‘Subculture’ Lip Pencil We all know how much I champion this 24/7 baby 365. This gets nowhere near as much recognition as the Kylie Jenner-esque shades Whirl, Soar and Spice (all of which I’d like to own) but it’s just as good a shade – if not better. Subculture gives your lips that your-lips-but-better colouring to them and looks just as pretty on its own as it does underneath a lipstick or gloss. It’s got good staying powder and suits so many different lipstick shades, this one’s an all rounder.

217 SE Blending Brush / MAC Ellie Goulding So you obviously don’t need Ellie’s version of the brush, you can just get the normal one, but I cannot explain to you how much this brush will improve your eye makeup game. Everyone raves about this brush and it’s definitely for good reason because it’s a little miracle worker for blending, defining your crease, targeting a certain part of your eye, running colour under your eye and so many other eye makeup brush tasks. This is probably the most well known MAC item in my top five but I urge you to buy it if you don’t already have it. The hefty price tag is extremely offputting and, had I not got Ellie’s MAC collection for my birthday, I probably wouldn’t have bought it for myself. Now that I have it, it’s a life changer and your eye makeup will never be the same again when you have it too.

‘Soft & Gentle’ Mineralize Skinfinish Yet another highlighting product, can you tell girl loves glowy skin? Since the first time I ever stepped foot in a MAC store years ago as a young teenager, I’ve been staring this product out because it just looks so beautiful. Sure, back then I barely knew about highlight aside from Benefit High Beam and I probably wouldn’t have known how to use the product or even what it was, but I knew that one day I had to have it. Fast forward a few years to June 2015 and my prom, and it was mine. I got my makeup done at MAC for prom and got this with the £30 I had to spend from when I booked the appointment, and I never looked back. I love pink toned highlights so much and this one really makes you glow. SO PRETTY! I’m obsessed, it can’t not be a favourite.

So those are my top 5 picks from MAC! Have you got any of these? And what are your top MAC picks?


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