trying sri lankan street food at the coconut tree bournemouth

yasmin stefanie the coconut tree bournemouth
the coconut tree bournemouth sri lankan street food

A couple of weeks ago before exam season started (rip please just put me out of my misery I haven’t been this stressed in maybe a year) myself and a few others from the Bournemouth Bloggers went to the new Coconut Tree restaurant in Bournemouth to try out some of the best bits on their menu* and it rly did not disappoint.

I’m a big fan of tapas and mezze and all that, picky bits for a meal is 11/10 because you get to try a lot more and ykno atleast you don’t have that problem where you order a meal and don’t end up enjoying it and you’re just stuck with that x. The Coconut Tree is deffo for people who like a bit of that because they describe their menu as Sri Lankan street food, so it’s even better to go to with a group of people so you can order literally everything and share it out.

My bestie Tia was one of the bloggers who came to try out The Coconut Tree and we were all recommended to try about four dishes each, so we combined ours to get eight between us so we could try as many different things as possible. When you’re ordering picky food you never know how much you’re gonna get and if it’ll fill you up or be enough but we ended up with so much that we went home very full and with quite a lot of leftovers to have for lunch the day after.

the coconut tree bournemouth sri lankan street food

We got The Coconut Tree’s must-have dish – the Hoppers, a coconut milk pancake with lots of fillings and dips inside that you roll up and eat, and you could tell why they’re definitely something you’ve got to order. My three faves were the devilled prawns, devilled chicken wings and the cheesy columbo, which are all made in the same sauce so I’m guessing that’s why I liked them so much. They all came in a sticky, sweet but spicy sauce and the flavour was ridiculous. I would happily go back and order these three about three times over each.

We loved the hot battered spicy cuttlefish, it was like a much nicer, more boujee version of calamari. The black pork was another close second fave, it’s a new recipe and when it comes in its little pot it doesn’t look like much but there is a lot, the flavour was a bit different to everything else we ordered and it felt properly slowcooked and melt in the mouth. We also got the hot battered spicy mushrooms and the brinjals to have a lil mix of veg on the side with everything else, and they went with literally everything. We took home some of the Sri Lankan mixed fried rice because some of the other gals had leftovers too and neither me or Tia are big on rice but this one was so good and even better when we mixed it with some of our leftover brinjals veg.

the coconut tree bournemouth sri lankan street food

The Coconut Tree also has the most incredible cocktail menu, they call them their cocotails and there are so many, lots of them come in the coolest, most boujee glasses – there was a china elephant cup and a tall, tiki style one – and there’s their own creations and some of their own versions of a few classics. Tia had a Shriki-Tiki which came in one of the cool tiki cups and it tasted unreal, I was really feeling an espresso martini that night so I ordered their version, the Sri-presso Martini, which tasted more rich from the cardamom.

We had the loveliest night with everyone at The Coconut Tree and I’m still not over how good the food and cocktails were. I cannot recommend it enough and I’m definitely gonna go back as much as I can. It’s on Old Christchurch Road too which is perfect and right in the middle of everything. I know I just said it, but I literally cannot recommend it enough. Everything is a really reasonable price, there’s deals on the cocktails too if you get two of the same, and everything tastes so good, even the food that I wouldn’t usually eat.

the coconut tree bournemouth sri lankan street food

You can have a look at their new Bournemouth restaurant here, and have a read of the menus and even book online.


The food and cocktails on the night were all complimentary but all my opinions and views on it are honest and I would absolutely go back again and throw my own money at it! Read more in my disclaimer.


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