Why I’m Obsessed With Eyeshadow Sticks

As a makeup lover, I’m always on the lookout for new products and new ways to up my makeup game, and as a college student who has to get up at the crack of dawn on three out of five mornings of my week, I’m also always on the lookout for something that will cut down my getting ready time in the morning so that I can have a few more precious minutes of sleep. My new discovery that ticks all of these boxes and is my best discovery in months has got to be eyeshadow sticks.

For Christmas and my birthday, my two closest friends both got me eyeshadow sticks, amongst other things, and I fell in love. I got three Topshop eyeshadow sticks in a gift set (I’d mentioned them in my Christmas gift guide for her and had been obsessing over them for a good month or so before Christmas) and one NYX one (which was amazing because we still couldn’t get NYX in the UK then), and they all convinced me that eyeshadow sticks are the way forward.

I’ve gotta state the obvious downside of eyeshadow sticks before I now go onto rave about them, and that’s that they crease easily compared to normal powder eyeshadows, but you can avoid this by using translucent powder to set the creamy consistency of the eyeshadow sticks in place, or putting a matching eyeshadow colour on top. I usually leave it because it’s not too bad and most of the time, when I use eyeshadow sticks, it’s not when I’m wearing makeup for the entire day.

That one bad point aside though, I’m now so obsessed with eyeshadow sticks that I’ve got to share why. First of all, they’re extremely easy to use and, depending on what you want to use your eyeshadow stick for, you might not even need to use a brush. I love using my NYX 617 Iced Mocha eyeshadow stick allover my lid and also take it slightly into my crease by working it in using the pointed tip. This gives a beautiful wash of metallic colour over the eyelid and is so quick and easy to do! I’d also do the same for the Topshop Conspire and Deviant ones, and would recommend this technique for any eyeshadow stick that has a pointed or rounded tip and isn’t too dark.

With my Topshop Darkhorse eyeshadow stick, I tend to use a different eyeshadow stick allover the lid and draw a line of Darkhorse into my crease area, then use my Zoeva 228 Luxe Crease brush to blend it out and properly work it into the crease so it isn’t a harsh line of colour. I’d also do the same if I used Darkhorse allover the lid, draw a line (not too thick!) in the crease and use the same brush to blend out the colour allover my lid and into my crease.

[FROM L TO R: Topshop Conspire, Topshop Deviant, Topshop Darkhorse, NYX Iced Mocha]

Eyeshadow sticks have become such faves of mine because they’re so easy to use and take no time, and they leave you with an effortless smoky, sultry look. I’m definitely going to be investing in some higher end versions, I’ve been eyeing up the Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier and Charlotte Tilbury ones for months now! I also definitely want to pick up some more NYX ones now that NYX is available on ASOS (which makes me super happy!) and I’d definitely recommend trying them out for yourselves, especially from NYX or Topshop, so cheap yet so beautiful.

I’ll definitely be doing a makeup look using some of my eyeshadow sticks over on my YouTube channel in the near future so that you can see them in action and see what they look like on.



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