Wishlist #1

So a while ago I made an August Wishlist containing things that I wanted to buy during August ready for starting college. I haven’t done a wishlist since then but I’ve been planning on doing one ever since, so I’ve decided that I’ll make it a little regular here on the blog since it’s a nice way for me to actually think about the things I’d like to buy instead of impulse buying things I’ll never use or wear. I’m going to do these in a totally random order but hopefully it isn’t too allover the place.


I saw this in the sale online and I’ve been lusting over it ever since. If you know me then you know that, while I only have have two of my own, I’m a massive playsuit lover. I love this one because it’s loose, flowy and feminine. I don’t own a playsuit like this and I’d love to own a playsuit like this because it looks so comfy and effortless, and you’d be able to wear it in the day casually or at night for more of a going-out look. They’re sold out of my sizes online and in the Brighton store but during the writing of this post, I’ve managed to get another store to hold my size for me so that I can go and get it, yay!


I’ve had this in my saved items on ASOS for so long. So long that when it neared the end of the sixty days that I had it saved for, I had to re-save it. I’ve already said on the blog that, this year, I became such a skirt person. I’ve been wanting a leather look skirt for a long, long time and I came across this one at the start of Summer or around that time, and fell head-over-heels in love with it. I just want it so bad! I’ve had it saved for so long and bought a lot of other things in that time so I’m thinking of putting it on my Christmas / Birthday wishlist since I’ve not been trying to get it for myself!


So a long, thin, grey cardigan looks and seems pretty boring, but I feel like these longer cardigans are perfect for this time of year when you want to feel warm and cosy but you don’t want to layer up too much or wear an uncomfortable jacket or coat. I have one other long cardigan but it’s the kind where you get bobbles of knitted fluff allover your clothes when you wear it, which really puts me off of wearing it. This one looks so plain and boring but when I saw it styled with an outfit on the website (the photo is in the collage at the start of the post) I thought it actually looked quite good and would be easy to pull off.


I think by now we’ve gathered that I’m petite, right? So Topshop have recently brought out these tops in variously different shapes and colours, with the tie-up detail at the front. I really like the sleeveless ones, especially this white one. I feel like it’s a really lovely, basic piece that has the tie-up detail which jazzes it up a bit more than if it was just a plain white top.


I’ve been wanting some pants that are different to the usual slim-fit skinny jeans / disco pants / leggings that I wear for a while now since I only own two pairs of loose, printed pants which I don’t even wear too much (you’re gonna have to accept that I call trousers ‘pants’ because of the whole living in Australia thing). I was eyeing up the printed harem pants at H&M all Summer but I’ve recently seen these ones and I love them because they’re black overall which makes them super versatile, but they also have these cool glitters in them that look tasteful and not like a four year old has been doing arts and crafts near your pants. These are much better for the cooler, Autumn Winter months too since they look much thicker than the floaty harem pants.


Believe it or not – I don’t own a proper denim jacket. Shocking, isn’t it? I don’t know how or why I don’t but the point is that I need one. It’s a staple, an essential, a basic piece that every wardrobe must contain. I have one denim jacket that has studs all over the shoulders, my mum bleached it and sewed each stud on herself, and one from Topshop with borg fur or whatever it’s called lining the inside. I need a normal denim jacket because I love denim jackets so much but I don’t wear mine all too often because they aren’t normal, plain denim jackets. I’ve looked around at loads over the past few months after having the realisation that I kinda needed one and this is my favourite in terms of the colour, style and fit for a reasonable price.


This wishlist must make me look like I love the glitter that H&M has to offer. I’m not much of a glitter person though. I’ve been wanting a glittery skirt for Winter because they’re such Winter things, perfect for that festive sparkle and they look so pretty paired with a cosy jumper, tights and boots. I really loved the unique colours of this one and then I saw that it came with a matching top, like a co-ord outfit. I love the outfit together and each of the pieces alone. If I can’t get both pieces I at least want the skirt though. I’m way too much of a skirt person.


I couldn’t not include a sexy, sassy pair of over-the-knee boots! I’ve been looking for the perfect and reasonably priced pair on and off since about this time last year. These ones look really good because I only like the suede / suede look ones, and I like heels that are made of the solid rubber type material so that they don’t make a click-clack noise when I walk. These look like they won’t which is great. I’ve also been eyeing up the River Island ones since my current heeled ankle boots from there have the no-noise heel I’m after and I find them easy to walk in.


So this Summer I cleared out a lot of old socks and gloves, and ended up without any fingerless gloves which are essential in this day and age where we all need to be on our phones 24/7 but still need to keep our hands warm (just me? no?) I came across these on Topshop’s website and I love the colour and pattern, I’m a bit of a leopard print person but I only like it when it’s tasteful. There are a little different than gloves I usually see, they’re not even gloves actually. They’re hand warmers and they’ll be perfect to keep my hands warm while I can still happily type away on my phone. My hands already get numb whenever I’m outside and it’s not even Winter yet so I definitely need to pick these up.

So that’s my first instalment of my regular wishlists! What’s on your wishlist at the moment?


[No photos are my own, all belong to their individual retailer websites]


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